How do I search for old messages in the Yahoo! group?

It often happens that months or years after a conversation or discussion, a member wishes to find a particular quote or reference posted to the group. Shuffling through hundreds or thousands of messages is a daunting task ... and a completely unnecessary one! Yahoo! Groups offers a wonderful search engine to search the message archive for the Yahoo! SWG group.

Visit our Yahoo! homepage, and you will see our "Most Recent Messages" displayed near the middle of the screen. There is a basic SEARCH box there, but this doesn't help much in narrowing the search. However, Yahoo! Groups offers an Advanced Search option for searching the message archive. Choose the link "Advanced Search" or follow the link provided here.

How to Use the Yahoo! Advanced Search

In the Advanced Search, you can declare a date or range of dates, an author, words in the title, and words in the message body that will help you to narrow your search. Put in as much information as you know, and your search may be narrowed from hundreds of emails to less than a dozen.

How to Use the Yahoo! Advanced Search

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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