Are anonymous reviews allowed on stories?

In short, no, we do not allow anonymous reviews on the SWG archive. In our LiveJournal community, anonymous reviews are "screened," meaning they must be approved by the author before they are posted to the community.

We want our review systems to serve as a means for authors to get quality feedback on their writing. For this reason, we require our reviewers as well as our authors to uphold SWG's conduct guidelines. Reviews that are meant solely to hurt and insult authors are simply unacceptable here.

In order to hold reviewers to our standards, we cannot allow anonymous reviews. It is our experience that anonymity is often misused to leave hurtful and unhelpful comments on stories. For that reason, we expect our reviewers to stand by the content of their reviews as we expect our authors to stand by the content of their stories in keeping with our Site Etiquette and Terms of Service.

If you wish to leave reviews on our site, please sign up for an account with us. Creating an account takes just a minute, is absolutely free, and does not obligate you to receive any emails from us or participate in the group in any way.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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