Can I delete my own reviews on stories?

Authors are not permitted to delete the reviews on their stories.

We have multiple reasons for this. For one, SWG is a group that encourages constructive criticism from reviewers. We are not an "all praise" site, and authors should expect constructive criticism on their work. It was the feeling of the moderation team that by allowing authors to delete their own reviews, we were inviting those who did not wish to receive constructive criticism to create the delusion that they'd received none, in violation of our Site Etiquette. Since reviewers often spend a lot of time crafting the feedback that they leave on stories, it is not fair to allow their reviews to be deleted.

However, we do understand that "constructive" criticism sometimes crosses the line into vicious or hurtful attacks. In this case, please contact a moderator. These sorts of reviews are not allowed in SWG, and we will hold the reviewer accountable for violating our Site Etiquette. In the event that you receive a review that you feel is overly harsh or inappropriate, one of our moderators will delete the review for you.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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