Which groups should I join?

Members are welcome to join one or all of our groups, depending on their interest and level of involvement with SWG.

Our homepage is the site for most of the group's features. Here, we keep our Reference library as well as an archive for sharing (and reading!) stories.

The Yahoo! group is a forum and email list for discussing writing and Tolkien's works. While the message archive is available to the public in read-only form, you must be a member of the group to participate in discussions. (Please see our Yahoo! FAQ for more information about how to sign up for this group and manage your message delivery settings.) In addition, the Yahoo! group is the primary forum where we involve group members in helping us to make decisions about the direction and governance of SWG. If you plan to take a volunteer or leadership role in SWG, we highly recommend signing up for the Yahoo! list. Members of this group are not required to receive any emails in order to enjoy the benefits of membership here.

The LiveJournal community is an informal place to share our stories, research, questions for discussion, and fandom news. In order to join this community, one needs a free LiveJournal account. You do not need to be a member of the SWG community on LiveJournal to post to it; you only need a free LiveJournal account. However, to read all posts here, you will need to join as a member.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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