I have a lot of drabbles that I would like to post on the site. Should I post them all together in a single story or each as an individual story?

Authors differ in their preference about how to share drabbles or other very short work, and while other sites have guidelines about how to handle collections of such work, we do not. Authors are welcome to post their drabble collections however they would like.

Please keep in mind, however, that posting drabbles into a single story does not allow you to attach separate ratings and warnings to each chapter. The story, then, must reflect the highest rating and all necessary warnings.

On SWG, we also have the option available to create a series, or a collection of stories that an author wishes to have considered together. It is the preference of some of our authors to post each drabble as a separate story and group the drabbles together in a series. This gives authors the ability to post ratings and warnings for each drabble independently of the others. For example, a single adult-rated drabble need not raise the rating of the other drabbles in the collection.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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