What is the difference between a story and a series?

A story is, of course, just what it sounds like: a single document that may consist of multiple chapters. (Confusingly, a story may also be a poem, essay, or play … the important part is that it's a single entity.) A series is a means by which SWG members can collect multiple, related stories in a single place. For example, an author may wish to have all of her stories based around a single character's history listed together, or she may want to collect all stories by various authors that cover a single topic.

A series can consist of works by one author or multiple authors. The person who creates the series chooses who can add to the series. A closed series may only be added to by the series' creator and the site administrators. A moderated series allows authors other than the creator to submit stories for inclusion in the series. These stories must be approved first by the series' creator. Finally, an open series allows anyone to add to the series without first seeking permission.

The stories that are added to a series are still listed as single stories as well. A series is just a way to collect in one place works that are related to each other and might be of interest, presented as a group, to readers.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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