The character that I want is not on the drop-down menu. Can I have a character added to this list?

Yes! Adding characters to the drop-down list is easy for an admin to do.

If you'd like a character added to the list, please email us or choose from the character list Admin: New Character Needed!. This will alert us that you need a character added to the list, and we will get in touch with you to find out what addition is needed. You can then edit your story to remove the new-character flag and add the character to your story, or we will do this for you.

Before you flag us, however, be sure that you check the list for all of the character's names. Silmarillion characters are often known by multiple names in Tolkien's various fictional languages, but to make finding stories about a particular character easier, we've included only one of these names on the drop-down list. So if you can't find Maitimo, try looking for Maedhros before you flag us. (And Maedhros is, indeed, a character on the list.) Also, we will only add canon characters. There is an option on the character list for Original Characters. You are welcome to provide additional detail in the summary of your story about which original characters feature in your story.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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