What is a round-robin story? Can I edit a chapter that I posted to a round-robin story?

A round-robin story is started by one author where other authors are free to add chapters to the story, building on the existing material while taking the story in new directions. Round-robin stories are marked with a bird icon, and the originating author should include any rules or restrictions in the story notes or first chapter. Please be sure to check these carefully before adding to the round robin.

Because the ability to change or delete existing chapter material could cause the story to lose meaning, contributors to the round robin cannot edit chapter material except immediately after it is posted. The author who started the round robin or an administrator can edit all chapters posted to the story. We recommend that you check your work carefully before posting to a round robin. Immediately after you post the chapter, if you think you have made a mistake, you will be able to edit what you have posted by scrolling to the bottom of the Edit Story screen. The chapters will be listed there with the options to edit. If you need to make any changes after this point, you will need to contact the originating author or an administrator to do so for you.

Last updated 29 May 2008.

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