I just made my first post to the SWG Yahoo! group. Why isn't it showing up right away?

After the SWG Yahoo! group received multiple hits from spammers, we decided to moderate new members' first posts to prevent spam from reaching the inboxes of our group members. Your first post to the SWG Yahoo! group must be approved by a moderator before it is received by your groupmates or visible to the public. When you make your first post, all SWG moderators will receive notification of a pending approval, and we will do our best to see that it is approved and sent out to the group right away. Once you've proven yourself not to be a spammer, moderation on your posts will be lifted, and your posts will be treated identically to the contributions of veteran members.

However, keep in mind that approval must be done manually by a moderator. If you send five quick replies in a discussion and have never posted to the group before, then all five posts will have to be approved and none will appear on the group until they are. As stated earlier, we do our best to get this accomplished quickly, and we have multiple moderators to assist you, but you might have to wait several hours or up to a day. As such, we encourage our members who expect to participate in discussions to make an intro post. Share with us a couple links to your stories (or your favorite stories, if you're not an author) or ask a question that's been on your mind or share some thoughts on a favorite character or passage and get the moderation lifted right away, and when that irresistible discussion comes along in the future, your posts won't be stuck in a queue awaiting moderator approval.

Last updated 30 May 2008.

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