Are my posts to the Yahoo! group visible to the public? Do I have to be a member of the Yahoo! group to read and participate in discussions there?

Beginning 1 June 2008, the message archive on our Yahoo! group is viewable by the public. We ask our members to keep this in mind when crafting their posts; however, one of the best online survival skills is to treat anything that you post online like it might one day be visible to the public. (And it might!) Use caution when sharing personal information, especially contact information or "mundane names" that could be used to identify and track you in real life. Keep in mind, also, that the SWG's Etiquette Guidelines and Terms of Service forbid sharing any information about other people publicly on our groups, including email addresses and IM screen names.

However, for non-members of the Yahoo! group, this means that the discussions and information that we share are now available for your use. (Please see this FAQ if you need help searching for something.) If you wish to participate in discussions, however, then you must be a member of the Yahoo! group. Please see this FAQ for more information on joining the Yahoo! group.

(And the announcement and FAQ about the message archive conversion can be found here.)

Last updated 30 May 2008.

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