How do I turn the text editor on or off on the archive? When I try to post my story using the text editor, why does it format the story incorrectly?

Turning the Text Editor On/Off

When posting to the SWG archive, authors have the option of using a rich-text editor or formatting their story using HTML. A rich-text editor works a lot like a word processor, with buttons for formatting the text, and allows authors to bring over stories from most word processors while retaining the formatting.

When you sign up for an account on the SWG archive, the text editor is turned on by default. To turn off the text editor (or turn it on, if you have it off already), click on the Account Info link on the top menu on the archive, then select Edit Preferences. The fifth option reads, "Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor." This stands for "Use TinyMCE What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor." When they checkbox is checked, the text editor is turned on. When the checkbox is not checked, the text editor is off, and you will need to use HTML for any formatting in your story.

Edit Preferences Page Screencap

You can also turn off the text editor right on the Add New Story page. Beneath each field for which the text editor is available, you will see a checkbox labeled "Use tinyMCE." Simply uncheck this box to use plain HTML in that field.

Text Editor Hints

One of the most common questions we receive concerns formatting issues with the text editor. Sometimes, there is a bug in the software that prevents the text editor from working as it should but, in most cases, text-editor problems are caused by authors not choosing the correct options when uploading their stories.

Most of the buttons on the text editor are pretty intuitive and resemble the setup of a word processor. A few, however, are used especially for web content. These can be a little tricky when first using the text editor.

Paste from Word

You should use the Paste from Word button whenever you're pasting content copied from a Microsoft Word document. MS Word inserts its own formatting markup, which can cause unusual formatting when converting it to HTML. Paste from Word removes that formatting. Simply click the Paste from Word button and a separate window will open. Paste your story into the new window and click Insert.

Paste from Word Screencap

Paste as Plain Text

Similarly, when pasting directly from a text editor, use the Paste as Plain Text button to ensure correct formatting. Like Paste from Word, click the button, paste your story into the window that opens up, and click Insert.

Paste as Plain Text Screencap

Edit HTML Source

If you know HTML and want to make changes directly to the HTML code that will be used to display your story on the archive, you can use the Edit HTML Source button to make changes without switching off the text editor. The advantage of using this button rather than switching off the text editor entirely is that, once you click Insert, you can preview what the formatting on the page will look like right in the text editor, making it easy to make adjustments and corrections. Similar to the other buttons discussed so far, clicking the Edit HTML Source button will open a new window where you can paste HTML code or edit with the code for any content you've added so far.

Edit HTML Source Screencap

As always, if you run into any problems with the text editor, we greatly appreciate if you take a moment to contact us so that we can look for a solution.

Last updated 10 January 2011.

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