I am a Firefox user. Why am I asked not to uncheck the "Use tinyMCE" checkbox under each editor window?

There is currently an unresolved bug affecting the rich-text tinyMCE editor (that allows you to format your text without having to open an HTML window). If you uncheck the box, any edits made in the associate text window above it are not recorded, and you will lose all your work in that editing session, even if you then check it again. Therefore, you must leave that option permanently checked. The alternative is to use another browser, like Chrome or Internet Explorer.

If you prefer not to use the rich-text tinyMCE editor at all, you can disable it completely from the Edit Preferences link on your "Account Info" screen. Make sure the checkbox for "Use tinyMCE WYSWYG editor" is not checked.

You will need to add your story using HTML if you shut off the rich-text editor.

If you have any questions or if you experience any problems aside from those reported above, please contact us at

Last updated 29 April 2012.

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