Silmarillion Anniversary Writing Contest

On 15 September 1977, a culmination of the fictional histories and mythologies that had been J.R.R. Tolkien's life work was published as The Silmarillion. In the thirty years since, this essential and challenging work has captivated readers … and inspired its share of writers as well!

At SWG, our interests in the history of Arda are as broad and varied as the stories of The Silmarillion itself, but we are all united by a love and fascination for this book that has sparked creativity and forged friendships around the globe. As we celebrate thirty years of The Silmarillion, we at SWG thought that there was no better way to honor The Silmarillion's publication anniversary than by doing what we love: reading and writing stories inspired by our favorite book.

Over the next few weeks, we challenge SWG members and the Tolkien community as a whole to share their Silmarillion-inspired creativity and to acknowledge and encourage that of others. Write a story, poem, drabble, or essay--whatever inspires you!--that is based on The Silmarillion. Post them here under our Anniversary Contest, and the piece with the most words worth of reviews at the end of the contest will receive honor, prestige, and of course, a shiny banner.

Likewise, for the non-writers among us, the reader who writes the most words of reviews about contest entries will also receive honor, prestige, and a shiny banner (as well as the appreciation of the authors that she or he has reviewed, of course).

Other Important Stuff

The Technical Details

How do you participate?

First and foremost, you must have an account with the SWG archive. They're free … so to sign up, please visit us here.

If you are entering a piece in the contest, add the story to the archive as you usually would using My Account --> Add New Story. On the "Add Story" screen, you will have the option to choose any challenges that the story satisfies. Choose "Anniversary Contest" here, and this will add you to the challenge group with the other entries.

If you have any trouble with this, simply designate in your summary that it is a contest entry, and an administrator will add your story for you. Or drop us a line at and let us know that you'd like your story added.

If you are reviewing entries in the contest, you may view all entries by visiting the Anniversary Contest page. From there, simply review as usual; we'll take care of the rest!

(You can also access Anniversary Contest through Advanced Search or Browse.)

Happy writing and reading and, of course, a happy anniversary, Silmarillion!