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Copper by darthfingon Teens
In Valinor near the turn of the First Age, a young boy is tormented by a Maia of Makar. Written for ALEC October 2010.
Most Recent
And They Looked Up and Saw a Star by grey_gazania Author Chooses Not to Rate
After the Third Kinslaying, Maedhros and Maglor take Elwing's twin sons captive.
Daughter of Kings by grey_gazania Author Chooses Not to Rate
Fingolfin has been killed by Morgoth, and Fingon finds himself the High King of a people still reeling from the carnage of the Dagor Bragollach. Concerned for the safety of his family, he arranges for his daughter, Ereiniel, to move to Círdan's coastal city, Eglarest. A Gil-galad genderswap...
Loyalty: A Tale in Three Voices by grey_gazania Author Chooses Not to Rate
Who were Ulfang's people, and why did they betray the Elves? The truth as seen by Uldor, Caranthir, and Ulfang's granddaughter.
The taste of sulphur by Harnatano General
The siege has just been broken and Curufin must deal with a certain amount of contradicting feelings and fears.
For Love of Silver Stars by LadyBrooke Teens
The sun’s dying rays faded over Doriath for the first time, and Lúthien looked at Nimloth. 
There a Pretty Lady Is by StarSpray General
Nellas meets the River-daughter.
Your Song by Kaylee Arafinwiel Teens
"But Lúthien came to the halls of Mandos, where are the appointed places of the Eldalië, beyond the mansions of the West upon the confines of the world. There those that wait sit in the shadow of their thought. But her beauty was more than their beauty, and her sorrow deeper than their sorrows;...
Library of Tirion
For Him I Cry by Elithien General
A farewell between Finrod and Amarie at Aman.  
Silver and Gold by Oboe-Wan General
Galadriel and Celeborn meet in Doriath
In the Seventh Age by Deborah Judge General
The final fate of Maglor son of Feanor.
Narn Gil-galad by Earonn General
The life of the last High King of the Noldor.
In Vino Veritas by Perelleth General
A conversation between Fingon and Maedhros, after Finrod’s death.
Captain Tinkerbell by Lipstick General
Maglor is in the British trenches in WW1, and he gets to meet a certain young officer with a liking for ancient mythology.
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