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Uphill, Downriver by swampdiamonds Teens
Three border guards have an unexpected encounter on the North-marches of Nargothrond.
Most Recent
Dancing In The Dark by Grundy Teens
History remembers Curufin as the villain. There are a few who think better of him.  Written for the Taboo challenge. First chapter hits 'consequences' and 'ostracization and exile'. Upcoming chapters will mark off other squares. Will give warnings on chapters as appropriate.
Morning Hath Broken by Kaylee Arafinwiel General
One fair morning in Harlindon, Oropher tells the story of the Iathrim's first sunrise to the most precious light of his life - his only remaining son.  
100 Days of Silence by just_jenni Adult
Amras, realizing that he cannot bear to continue fighting, ostracizes himself from his family.  Choosing to retreat into the forests of Beleriand, he meets someone unexpected.
Something Un-Feanorian by Himring Teens
Elrond has a posthumous conversation with Maedhros at the time of the Fall of Eregion. With glimpses of Elros and of the Third Kinslaying. Now added: The Decision (gapfiller for the main story, Elrond's POV)
We Weren’t Born to Follow by oshun General
In response to the SWG Challenge "Revolution." Prompt: Bon Jovi, “We Weren’t Born To Follow”? video | lyrics The Noldor were always a contentious people. Finwë and Míriel before they leave on the great Trek across the mountains to the sea.  
In the Heart of the Storm by IgnobleBard Teens
Ossë shows Círdan the passion at the heart of the storm.
Of Masters Fëanor and Galadriel and the Flight of the Ñoldor by The Wavesinger General
A collection of documents and sources for a research paper, and a glimpse of an event three hundred years before the fall of the Jedi Order. (Or, yet another Star Wars AU.) Written for amyfortuna for Crossovering 2016.
Library of Tirion
For Him I Cry by Elithien General
A farewell between Finrod and Amarie at Aman.  
Silver and Gold by Oboe-Wan General
Galadriel and Celeborn meet in Doriath
In the Seventh Age by Deborah Judge General
The final fate of Maglor son of Feanor.
Narn Gil-galad by Earonn General
The life of the last High King of the Noldor.
In Vino Veritas by Perelleth General
A conversation between Fingon and Maedhros, after Finrod’s death.
Captain Tinkerbell by Lipstick General
Maglor is in the British trenches in WW1, and he gets to meet a certain young officer with a liking for ancient mythology.
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