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Walking in the Gardens by Raiyana Adult
A Hero's Journey Matryoshka challenge story, featuring the head gardener of Indis' home in Vanyamar.
Most Recent
Everything Changes by Silver Trails Teens
Caranthir receives a letter from Aegnor, telling him about his love for Andreth.
The Secret of Frywald by Ysilme Adult
Not long after the war of the Last Alliance, a dragon troubling the East Bight forces the captain of Imladris and the king of the Greenwood into reluctant cooperation. The men of both realms realise that more is to be gained from cooperation than from upholding the distance the war has caused.
I'll Be Yours If You'll Be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion General
  Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members of the House of Finwë. Except Finwë--he's already dead in this story. This is a modern take on how Maedhros and Fingon meet and develop a relationship. Brothers...
Axis Mundi by just_jenni Adult
This story is a completely AU fabrication, loosely based upon some of the events taking place at the time of the trees in Valinor. However, none of the outcomes follow the ones in the actual Silmarillion but take a wild turn of their own. In this fic Feanaro and Nolofinwe become inseparable lovers, with...
'and go into darkness' by hennethgalad General
Edrahil comforts Finrod on the march to Thangorodrim...   (for My Slashy Valentine on AO3)
'in the morning of the world' by hennethgalad Teens
Anairë visits the house of Mahtan to see the sights of Tirion. Nerdanel is enchanted.
Fate by Silver Trails Teens
Maglor, Daeron, and the Mered Aderthad...
Library of Tirion
For Him I Cry by Elithien General
A farewell between Finrod and Amarie at Aman.  
Silver and Gold by Oboe-Wan General
Galadriel and Celeborn meet in Doriath
In the Seventh Age by Deborah Judge General
The final fate of Maglor son of Feanor.
Narn Gil-galad by Earonn General
The life of the last High King of the Noldor.
In Vino Veritas by Perelleth General
A conversation between Fingon and Maedhros, after Finrod’s death.
Captain Tinkerbell by Lipstick General
Maglor is in the British trenches in WW1, and he gets to meet a certain young officer with a liking for ancient mythology.
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