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Challenges: Exchange Student


A Short History of the Easterlings by Himring

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Stories about Maedhros and the tribe of Bor:

I Maedhros remembers his encounter with Bor's tribe and the early days of their alliance.

II Now added: After the loss of the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Bor's granddaughter leads the survivors of her people back into the East.

Characters: Bor, Borlach, Borthand, Maedhros, Men, Original Character(s)
Challenges: B2MeM 2015, Exchange Student, Gift of a Story
Genres: Fixed-length Ficlet
Warnings: Mature Themes
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No
Word count: 1112     Read Count: 1096
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Published: October 04, 2014     Updated: April 11, 2015