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Spring Cleaning by Russandol

Rated: General | [Comments - 2]

One day during the Noontide of the Blessed Realm, Manwë and Varda get ready for a celebration at Ilmarin, their halls upon the peak of Taniquetil.

Written for B2MeM 2011, Day 31: Valinor.

2nd Place, Humour: General & Smaug's Treasure, MEFA 2011

Read by: Dawn Felagund
Reader's comments:

Spring Cleaning was originally published in April 2011 and was the Featured Podfic in the July 2013 newsletterTime: 10:03 File Size: 9.20

Characters: Mandos, Manwë, Oromë, Tulkas, Varda
Challenges: B2MeM 2011
Genres: Humor
Warnings: None

Added: July 02, 2013 Completed: Yes

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