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Code Red by Scribe of Mirrormere | [Comments - 1]


Aredhel runs into trouble after leaving Gondolin. Luckily, she is prepared. The Walking Dead fusion/zombie AU.

Parent Series: None
Characters: Amras, Aredhel, Curufin, Dwarves, Ecthelion, Egalmoth, Eöl, Galadriel, Gildor, Glorfindel, Idril, Lúthien Tinúviel, Mablung, Maglor, Meleth, Nellas, Original Character(s), Telchar
Challenges: B2MeM 2015
Genres: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Horror, Humor
Warnings: Author Chooses Not to Warn
Stories: 2
Open: Closed
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