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Comments For Immortality

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Reviewer: Athrabeth Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2015 - 04:48 pm
Title: Immortality

Ooh, this is really good! I like the ending:

"The grey eyes looking at him were compassionate. “We are immortal, Lord, truly.”

And then they went blank, and Balan breathed his last, still smiling."

I like that you don't add Finrod's reaction to that. I can't really articulate why, but it seemed like a really strong ending because it leaves you wondering, and wanting more...kind of like Finrod must be feeling, I guess.

The way you show the friendship between them is great, too. Even though he's the one dying, Balan is comforting and steadying Finrod, who in turn is trying to keep his composure for his friend's sake. It's really touching, but also a bit heart-wrenching and even kind of chilling, I think. Though, I maybe have a weird perspective...

Anyway, I really liked this story!

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