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Reviewer: Talullah Signed [Report This]
Date: February 04, 2015 - 08:45 pm
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

It's so nice to read a story when they are happy and fond of each other. Fëanor already has the passion that will make him be who he is, later on, but the darkness has not started to fester yet. Makes one wonder how Fingolfin would have felt later on.

Reviewer: hereff Signed [Report This]
Date: September 14, 2013 - 05:10 pm
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

I really love this! It's very rare to see happy fic for this pair, so I'm so grateful that you write this :) Their dynamic is really interesting and both are very very attractive here, especially Fëanor. This is just so lovely, I really wish there's more! :)

Author's Response:

You are so incredibly kind to read this and to comment. It is just a little romp of a story. Every time I try to write Feanor and Fingolfin really young, they always come out  very fond of one another. I guess I must admit that in my own imagination they are really, really different and because of circumstances sometimes jealous and envious of one another, but still love one another. To imagine a happier earlier period makes what follows that much more poignant. I personally am not interested in reading unmitigated misery. I need contrast to fully appreciate what they lose when the strife between their factions among the Noldor separates them. TMI. Pardon me! Thank you so very much for reading.

(Oops. One last remark. Magic words--you said you wished there was more. I am working on a story at the moment--a chapter of a story actually--that also has a lot about the earlier relationship between Feanor and Fingolfin. I hope to finish and post it very soon.)

Reviewer: helenjones Signed [Report This]
Date: September 08, 2012 - 05:36 pm
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

i like this! in my hopeless head i never imagined this pairing other than angsty...but youth and blitheness are healthy! XD fingolfin bashful in bed, can't help the giggles... i can also find hints that make it perfectly imaginable why things would become as they were later. 

would you mind if i ask for a favor? i wish to translate this into chinese and post it in our community. a good friend of mine was just lamenting yesterday that the pairing lacked any hope for happiness. she'd love to see this. of course, your name and the link will be put above the translation. 

thank you for presenting such wonderful work!

Author's Response:

Thank you for he lovely review. And thank you for asking about the translation. Although I do not read Chinese, I would love to have a link to your site also.

Reviewer: Dawn Felagund Signed [Report This]
Date: August 07, 2012 - 08:05 am
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

I said on your LJ but I want to say here as well how much I enjoyed this story. You captured the awkward passion of youth so well, and the humor was much appreciated. It made me long for what could have been in the tumultuous story of the Feanorians. Well done and highly recommended!

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks, Dawn. I really did have a ton more fun with this story than I had any right to expect.

Reviewer: Himring Signed [Report This]
Date: August 07, 2012 - 12:32 am
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

Amazing, how you handle these things! I'm not surprised you found this pairing difficult at first, but you've made it extremely believable.

Scrumptious detail! And I don't just mean the salmon patties, by any means!

Oh, but that last sentence almost makes me want to cry...


Author's Response: Thanks, Himring! I am really glad it worked for you. It took me forever of decide how to do it, but once I got started I enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Agelast Signed [Report This]
Date: August 06, 2012 - 11:12 am
Title: In The Bliss of Valinor

Oshun, I love this! Feanor is very, very attractive here, and no one can blame Fingolfin being totally into that. (Also, the bit about Fingolfin's cheekbones. Heh!) Also, forgive this irrelevant aside, but whenever I read your works, I always secretly wish you would include recipes at the end -- those salmon cakes with ginger sound great!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so happy you liked it. On the recipes--I have seriously thought of doing a receipe book for my fanfiction. I am hooked on this one online for A Game of Thrones (Inn at the Crossroads - My daughter is helping me collect photos. She reminds me now if I forget to take a picture of something I may use in a story. I do have food icons for this story--among others. I may add a separate chapter here to share them.

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