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Comments For My Fair Lindir

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Reviewer: oshun Signed [Report This]
Date: January 20, 2014 - 10:48 pm
Title: Chapter 1

The songs are fabulous, but your dialogue is great also. This is when I really wish that I could draw better. I really want a cartoon of this material.

The parrot is awesome. Huan in the dog show is beyond awesome. Everybody is great.

I laughed until I was choking a few times (well I did have a bit of a cold at the time).

This should be performed on stage, but barring the likelihood of that, we could use a podcast! Dammit. I cannot sing either.

Author's Response:

Heh -- thank you!  I was racking my brain for a way to cover the Ascot scene, came up with a dog-show, and of course that meant Huan. Ignobled supplied that wonderful, "Wolf bad -- Huan kill!" line.

Reviewer: pandemonium_213 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 20, 2014 - 06:29 pm
Title: Chapter 1

IgBee and Randy, this is the funniest Tolkienian parody I have encountered, short of Bored of the Rings, and that's sayin' something!

All I want is a room in there
Far away from the forest air
Where Noldor braid their hair
Just like they do in Tirion.

Lots of plumbing so I can poo
In the warmth of a proper loo
Magic Sindar can't do
Not like they do in Tirion

...all the way to

I’ve grown so fond of Lindir’s ass

I don’t know how it all began
I’ve grown so fond of how it moves
When he’s walking through the room
It’s high, it’s round
It’s soft as down

I howled from beginning to end until my face hurt from smiling and/or laughing.  It's a blast when the song selections are pleying along, and you guys really hit the nail on the head with the musical selections and lyrics.  The tone of the dialog is wonderful.  And the send-ups of The Silm!  Deeeee-lish-ous!  :^D

Bravo!  Bravo!

Author's Response:

Thank you, thank you.  I really have to credit Ignoble for this -- insisting we actually do it after trading a few volleys of irreverent wise-cracks in IM.  I could not have done these songs.  He truly has a gift.

Reviewer: Russandol Signed [Report This]
Date: January 20, 2014 - 06:39 am
Title: Chapter 1

This is a Most Excellent parody, so full of wit and side-splitting humour that it's difficult to know where to start. You've outdone yourselves in translating the original musical and the songs into Middle-earth. Now, I'm still amazed you went for Círdan and (OMG!) Tom Bombadil as the two people who make the wager (and not just any wager) about Lindir. The songs are hysterical. I listened to the soundtrack in YouTube as I read the correponding lines, and I cracked up so many times.

Several highlights for me: Fingolfin as the participant in a dog competition, Húan's stellar performance by the judges' stand, Maeglin as lovestruck suitor, Erestor with a built-in radar for faking wanna-bes. And the parrot. And Círdan's pretty footman, of course. No one stays safe, everyone seems to be the subject of jokes and innuendo. It's great, I'd love to get a few actors doing it on stage.

I hope you're already planning your next collaboration. :o)


Author's Response:

Seriously -- who would be the most unlikely pair of friends in all of Tolkien?  Cirdan and Tom Bombadil, of course.  Beards and bad poetry to make fun of.  I was fludering for a way to end it, and Ignoble came up with the idea of the parrot for 'recording' Lindir's voice.  I love that parrot!

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