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Comments For Hearts Like the Sea

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Reviewer: pandemonium_213 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 28, 2007 - 09:47 am
Title: Hearts Like the Sea

I enjoyed this immensely!   Like The Making of the Werewolves, you tell the story in a captivating "faerie tale" style.  The courteous - almost formal - manner of speech between the protagonists dovetails nicely with this tone.  Their mutual attraction makes perfect sense - both are bold, inquisitive men.

I doubt that you'll be surprised to know that I am absolutely delighted by your portrayal of Nowë as a proto-Archimedes.  Your description of his keen observations and experimental approaches to shipcraft is great - poetic but the underpinnings of the scientific method nonetheless firmly in place.  I loved this:

Ever restless for new experience, Elwë and Nowê began to explore and map parts of the coastline. Their expeditions were always equal parts science and pleasure as they collected specimens, sketched, and delighted in the wind in their hair, the movement of the waves beneath the ship bearing them to previously unexplored areas of the bay.

All in all, a wonderful ancient tale.  Oh, and the eroticism was quite tasty, too! 

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you so much! I was hoping you'd enjoy Nowe's experiments. I've always been a naturalist at heart, a naturalist who cant draw, but there you have it. *shrugs* I've always envied people like Thoreau, Muir, and Audubon, making their discoveries back when everything was so new.

I'm glad you like the characterizations also. I didn't know much about Thingol when I got this assignment, but when I read about him, I liked him immediately. I've always liked Cirdan because I've always thought of the sea as romantic. The quote you mentioned is one I like too, I could just see these two out on the ocean, sailing at their own pace, just enjoying nsture and each other. Which, of course, leads to the eroticism. *grin*

Thanks for your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Reviewer: oshun Signed [Report This]
Date: December 24, 2007 - 01:11 pm
Title: Hearts Like the Sea

This is a truly wonderful response to a challenging request. You really set the tone of those early, early days and created a fascinating world barely touched on in the texts. (In my own mind, I think of think is Bard's pre-historic elves story--please forgive my silliness--I should think of it as elves before they had a history.) I loved the use of such expressions as the "singing time" and "working time"--really evocative of a developing culture, well before the advent of the sun and the moon, starting well before that first trip to Aman. I also love the way you took two canon elves, who have a well-developed history much later in the tales, and gave them a youth and a backstory. Cirdan's research and Thingol's fascination with it is great: convincingly handled. The entire piece is thoughtful and creative, appropriately measured and languid in its pace. The puzzlement and fear of Orome is beautifully done and the "First Contact" as well. Great work.

Author's Response: This is such a lovely and detailed review. I read the parts of the Sil about the coming of the Elves and was fascinated to think of how new things would be to them, even generations after their awakening. You helped me every step of the way on this one and I'm grateful for your patience, hand holding, and betaing throughout. Thanks bunches!

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