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Comments For Breathless

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Reviewer: Russandol Signed [Report This]
Date: March 08, 2016 - 05:08 am
Title: Chapter 1 - The Morning After

There is nothing mythical about your view of Gondolin where resources are short and tempers are short. You bring us a city full of tension, gossip, and frustration. Glorfindel feels trapped in so many ways, it is doubtful at first that he can ever be happy. But then... I won't spoil the story, but let's say that it's about friendship, and more. I love how you develop that particular thread.

As I read, I keep discovering more and more layers of this complex tale where love battles duty and even law. Despite their strife, your characters are ordinary people with the usual everyday doubts in an everyday (but gorgeous!) setting. Even those who one day will become myths have to struggle with putting on their clothes the right way round!

I feel really lucky to have been a witness to your creative process, and amazed at your ability to write such a great story to such a tight deadline. As an added bonus to being your (very willing) cheerleader, I now know a little more about swordfighting than I did before!

There are so many things, great and small, I like about Breathless: the match, the mountain climbing, the eagles, Turgon's grief, Amarthen, Pengolodh's song - OMG, the song!!! And... have I told you I'm in love with your Ecthelion, so optimistic, selfless and loyal despite all the challenges? :o)


Author's Response:

Thanks sooo much for the second review.  It was feeling kinda lonely here -- there are clicks but no comments, so I think anyone who would normally review has already done so on AO3.  It's good to hear you are finding more layers in this tale.  I keep thinking of ways to improve it but really need to move on to other stuff.  So happy you liked Pengolodh's little song that caused such trouble. *beams*  Glad you love Ecthelion.  He really came out well in this, didn't he?  I should add the pic that I used for inspiration.  It's a wonder it took Glorfindel so long to come around.  Thanks again for being such a great friend and beta!  Hugs!

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