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Reviewer: Himring Signed [Report This]
Date: July 02, 2017 - 04:33 am
Title: Chapter 1

Glad to see you cross-post this here!

Reviewer: oshun Signed [Report This]
Date: June 29, 2017 - 02:13 pm
Title: Chapter 1

I enjoyed this so much on AO3 that I am cutting and pasting my comment here to share it with more people:

OMG! This is spectacular! I don't know where to start. I may have to come back.

Elrond washing up for Elwing is a hoot! That's what mothers do when they go to visit their kids and usually not the other way around. But then Elrond is in canon a nurturer and a caretaker, so it fits.

I loved the debate between Elrond and Maglor! Very moving to me to see Elrond as Maglor's protector. I love this entire story so much. It is quite a delicate balance to write , but a necessary one strike in my opinion. Elwing is interesting and tough. I like this version of her. I have been leaning in recent years toward a rather fragile and damaged Elwing. Not saying she hasn't suffered permanent effects of a nightmare of a childhood, but it's nice to see her written as a survivor and a scrappy one at that.

And then, I love Maglor talking about bad art and speak-of-the-devil Finrod popping up!

“That is very unfair,” one of the cloaked and hooded people complained, turning towards them. “Anyway, you haven’t heard any of my poetry in thousands of years. How do you know it hasn’t improved?”

“Instinct!” Maglor told him, smiling warily. “Hello, Finrod.”

“Nobody told me that they’d let you back in,” Finrod said. “Mind you, if they finally decided to allow Galadriel to return, clearly they have opened the doors to the most appalling riff-raff.” He smiled, and Maglor relaxed.

Very Noldorin sounding indeed--both of them! I hate it when people turn Finrod into a Vanya or a Teleri, although he may have carried aspects of both. But, most importantly, he truly was a Prince of the Noldor through and through in Middle-earth--and that's canon.

This is a terrific story. I like my Silmarillion heroes to be allowed a redemptive arc. They certainly did fight a good fight and take a beating from fate.

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