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Reviews For The Witnesses

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Reviewer: hennethgalad Signed [Report This]
Date: October 08, 2017 - 02:12 am
Title: Chapter 1

poor Aragorn... and poor Elrond, who has studied mortals alot more closely than Lindir ever did. now i'm seeing Elrond wondering if Elros is still alive after five centuries... 

also, structurally, i like the fairy-tale style, and of course the nice and accurate words you used within it !

Author's Response:

Poor Aragorn, yes. Although I believe he adjusts quite well, eventually, it can't have been easy at first.

And Elrond has had his losses, and more yet to come.

I'm glad you liked the style, thank you!

Reviewer: ziggy Signed [Report This]
Date: October 06, 2017 - 03:57 pm
Title: Chapter 1

LOvely last line especially. I like the poetic devices, like the repetition etc.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, ziggy!

I'm glad you like the structure of this piece and that the last line worked for you!

Reviewer: Robinka Signed [Report This]
Date: October 05, 2017 - 03:38 am
Title: Chapter 1

On one hand, it must have been intimidating to have all those greats (and not-so-greats ;)) as the ancestors. But on the other hand, it's a pity I don't have anybody who could tell me, "Oh, I was there when your great- great- great- great ... grandfather did this or that". Eh.

Lovely read, very thought-provoking. Thank you :)

Author's Response:

Yes, although it was intimidating, those witnesses must also have been fascinating to listen to!

And there's certainly things I would like to know about my ancestors.

Thank you very much for reading and for your comments!

Reviewer: Lyra Signed [Report This]
Date: October 05, 2017 - 01:35 am
Title: Chapter 1

As you may have guessed, the weight of all these ancestors - both Elven and mortal - on the shoulders of the later line of Elros is something that I've been chewing on lately, so this fic ran in an open door with me! Wonderful reaction from Elrond (who is probably famliar with the feeling, although the list of (in)famous ancestors is a lot shorter for him). Once again, you say so much in so few words.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Good to hear that the subject plays into your concerns!

Yes, Elrond does know the feeling or something like it, although he's also had time to get used to it! As Aragorn does as well, later on, I suppose.

I'm glad you like Elrond's reaction!

Reviewer: oshun Signed [Report This]
Date: October 04, 2017 - 05:32 pm
Title: Chapter 1

I love the cadence of this! Wonderful use of the short form!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, Oshun!

I'm glad the cadence I was aiming for appeals to you!

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