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Reviewer: Himring Signed [Report This]
Date: November 24, 2017 - 01:34 am
Title: Down Memory Lane, Part One.

Interesting musings, Oshun.

One does rather wonder what Edith thought about being Luthien, later on.

I think that all that dancing in the forest would itself develop a lot of physical capacity. And it may be, as some fan writers suggest, that dancing was the means by which she was learning to channel her Maiarin talent, so it may not all have been fun and games.

Author's Response:

<i>And it may be, as some fan writers suggest, that dancing was the means by which she was learning to channel her Maiarin talent, so it may not all have been fun and games.</i>

I never heard that one; but then I haven heard more than a half-dozen Luthien fics in a decade.

Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Dawn Felagund Signed [Report This]
Date: November 22, 2017 - 10:58 am
Title: Down Memory Lane, Part One.

I have to admit that I was surprised by your choice--never disappointed! I'm always interested to hear what you learn/think about any character in Tolkien.

I haven't started the new B&L yet. In fact, I just put it up on my Tolkien shelf while giving the desk in my study a much-needed cleaning in preparation for doing some research this weekend. I had just returned from the library and thought that maybe I should have skipped that errand and read B&L ... but frankly, yes, it is one of the less-intriguing stories for me too in the legendarium. I think it's too starkly good-vs-evil: one of the things I love most about the Silm being the moral/implied psychological complexity of the characters (as you know!)

I am fortunate in being eagle-eyed somehow out of a myopic family ... and I know how fortunate I am. I share your disappointment that the Kindle version didn't include the illustrations. I detest that my genetic luck gives me access to content barred from others.

Hopping all over the place like a frog on caffeine ... the potential conflict between Daeron and Luthien is an interesting possibility. I don't know why I always read it (or assumed it) as Luthien oblivious and Daeron suffering in silence. Bringing out that tension could add some conflict and complexity to a story that really needs it to work for me. (I love "the grumpy friend-zoned guy." OMG.)

I'd never thought much about Luthien's lack of a social circle in the texts. Tolkien does take pains to establish friendships for most of his Silm characters, possibly hinting at the value he saw in his own friendships. So Luthien was either a serious introvert and really didn't care, or she did have circles of girlfriends and guyfriends we just never hear about, or she was more unhappy than the texts suggest.

Anyway ... you clearly got me thinking! And I will buzz off and hold my thoughts if it's distracting or not useful at this phase of research ... I was just SO psyched to see a 30-Day entry already up! And from you! I was just doing my daily check-in, but you pulled me right in.

Author's Response:

You are such a support to me! You probably don't even realize. (Or maybe you do!) I feel guilty that you spotted this--I was supposed to be pulling the history of the Tolkien fandom together for you. I will send you something tonight or early tomorrow!!

I am wondering if Edith Tolkien did not have many friends--or if they were simply "not important." No one's friends could ever be as important as Tolkien's friends--yeah, not right! I was married to a guy like that.

I've been reading a lot about Edith in recent days thinking about what she really was like. Brilliant pianist, apparently more intellectual than I would have assumed reading his letters, and apprently people liked her! Ha! She sounds a bit like James Joyce's wife who one might think from certain quarters was barely literate, barefoot, pregnant, and happy that way, but recent reading or her as well indicate otherwise. No where near done with my detective work yet. Just beginning.

Thank you for looking at this. I didn't expect any reactions. But, like Tolkien, I love feedback!!

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