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Comments For A Warning Denied

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Reviewer: Gabriel Signed [Report This]
Date: December 01, 2017 - 01:16 am
Title: Chapter 1

The prelude to war.

And poor Telpeher/Celebrindor has the unfortunate task of delivering an ultimatum. It seems to me he really doesn't want to be involved.

Especially with the idea of facing the wrath of one uncle Caranthir. 

This is a very interesting idea to explore, Celebrindor, son of Celebrimbor.

Are there any other stories of yours with this wonderful character Celebrindor? If not, would you consider writing more on him and life with his father and great uncles? If not that's okay. I'll understand.

Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response:

Hello Gabriel! Thank you very much for your much appreciated review. :) 

As it happens, I haven't published anything else with Telpeher/Celebrindor yet, though he does feature in an AU Greenwood tale of mine and my co-author Emma's that we've still got in draft form, not written up properly yet. 

The idea for a Celebrindor, son of Celebrimbor, however, must be credited to my beloved late mentor/father figure Fiondil, who wrote an encounter between Aragorn and the spirit of Celebrindor son of Celebrimbor. Other than the name and parentage, our characters aren't the same; they have different fates and I've no inkling that Atto Fiondil intended his Celebrindor to be born this early. I think his Celebrindor was born in Eregion.

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