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Reviewer: Olorime Signed [Report This]
Date: July 23, 2011 - 11:32 am
Title: Chapter 1

I don't know how I managed to skip this story!

It is lovely, it has a certain inner rhythm to it that is very appropriate for the two characters.  One can almost imagine, Tyelkormo, a son of Fëanáro having such a manner of speaking that could raise flames in the hearts of his audience.  Oromë's speech, more sedated, still authoritative and ringing of knowledge and times beyond imagining. 

I liked the issues you touched on this fiction.  It must have been really painful for Tyelkormo to watch Oromë keep his silence and not intervene.  At the same time, you hint at the incomplete knowledge the powerful Vala may have had.

Very well done.  This is an underrated jewel!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much, Olorime. I can't believe you missed this one either. I thought you had plowed through my entire oeuvre by now. :-)

I knew that Celegorm was supposed to be a persuasive speaker so I tried to make that come through, and I love the larger than life Valar. As painful as it was for Celegorm, imagine how much more so it was for Orome to not intervene and watch someone he loved take that oath.

I really appreciate your review, and thanks for pointing out the Feanaro error as well. You're awesome!


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