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Reviewer: Lyra Signed [Report This]
Date: July 05, 2017 - 10:17 am
Title: Amárië of the Vanyar

I wonder which kind of bio is harder to write - those where there are incredible amounts of information on a character (like, say, Galadriel) but at least it's well-documented, or those where there is next to nothing. I'm particularly grateful for the latter sort, like this one, for the most selfish reasons: If you've already done the research, I don't have to! It must be particularly gruelling when there are only one or two throwaway lines about a character, like Amárië, and you have to be doubly careful to find them. Much gratitude, therefore, for having done that work! And thank you for unearthing Darth Fingon's observations about the name; these linguistic tidbits give me so much joy!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much!

I think the ones with very few references are the scariest ones. Because I am afraid I will miss one of three or four mentions. When a character is referenced in the Silm, LotR, and all over HoMe, I am not worried if I do not catch every single mention and I even tell the readers at times that I do not plan to addess every single dispute or preference. But with the short ones, missing any makes one look like a lazy creature.

Reviewer: erunyauve Signed [Report This]
Date: August 05, 2014 - 04:48 am
Title: Amárië of the Vanyar

It seems like the recent trend in fan fic is to discard poor Amárië.  The sources you've gathered show that she was not entirely fridged by Tolkien - Finrod's love for her ensures that he will leave no heir, and this is not a whim, later regretted.  (I don't mind a bit of un-LACE-like shenanigans, but I see no reason to kick Amárië to the curb.)  Even off-stage, she has an influence on the way in which events unfold.  What might have happened to Nargothrond if Finrod had a son old enough to act as his regent?  Would a son of Finrod have been more equipped to deal with Curufin and Celegorm?

Author's Response:

I agree that Amárië is part of Finrod's story. The way I read Finrod's comment in The Silmarillion to Galadriel about not marrying and having children is that it has the sense for me of foresight or prophecy or at very least reflects his accute awareness of the Doom of Mandos and his lack of expectation of survival. Tolkien's characters are not always aware of what instances of prescience mean or where they come from also.

One could imagine that he sees himself as still committed to Amarie, which would be another reason for not marrying in Middle-earth. But that is not spelled out in the published Silmarillion.

It is interesting to speculate if a son of Finrod, fully grown, would have been more equipped or had more authority to deal with the treacherous shenanigans of Curufin and Celegorm. If one reads the section about the choice of others to follow Finrod out of Nargothrond on his quest with Beren or to stay behind, Curufin seems eloquent to the point of wizardry in convincing people to stay (like visions of destruction in their mind). I presume the ten who followed Finrod had the strength of mind and will to resist that spell. Perhaps a son with Finrod's qualities of mind, leadership skills, and charisma could have changed event. Orodreth does not share the strength of character of most of Tolkien's exiled Noldor (a simply is a totally different type of guy). This purely speculative, but I would read the AU and/or speculation on most of these scenarios.

Honestly, I really do not care any more at all which choices people make for fanfic. I am pleased if I find something compatible or entertaining, but otherwise I just read what I like, if I am not enjoying it I put it aside. I find this generation of readers more familiar with the texts at a lot of new fanfic writers ten years ago, but also more concerned about their personal perferences or the axes they have to grind than what Tolkien intended. I don't really care about that either. Fanfiction at bottom is an alteration of or extrapolation upon the texts, reflecting the taste of the writer anyway. I cannot have a duel with anyone over my fanon better than yours!

I personally infer from the texts or prefer the concept that Amarie is always in Finrod's mind. For whatever reason, I will have to invent one someday, she did not follow him, but there is no hint of an estrangement in the sense (Nerdanel and Feanor) or of any bitterness or anger--I presume sorrow at the separation and that Finrod holds her in his heart. For me, sexuality is an important part of life and only the rare person is capable of celebacy, while asexuality is fairly rare as well. I invent my own fanon of ways in which to allow canon characters to have extramarital, less serious relationships in the cases of centuries or Ages of separation. Tolkien pushed my capacity for suspending disbelief in regard to one person for all the Ages of Arda!

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