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Reviewer: Dawn Felagund Signed [Report This]
Date: September 03, 2012 - 07:59 am
Title: Tar-Aldarion

I want to thank you again and applaud you (publicly! I don't often get around to that--bad 'gund) for a fabulous two biographies the past two months. Until this point, I'd always come to the bios with familiarity with what the texts said about the characters (although your analysis almost always provides new insights). In this case, having not read the original text (bad 'gund again), your bios were really my first deep exposure to these characters. You've got me hooked. Now I want to read more about them and maybe even write about them.

In Aldarion particularly, I loved how you worked his history into the broader history of Tolkien's mariners to uncover the patterns here. This was fascinating and insightful. Of course, both Erendis and Aldarion are fascinating characters in their own rights (more fuel for my theory that Tolkien's tinkering with characters tended to flatten them).

Thank you so very much for your contributions! Writing a biography of this caliber every month is no small task.

Author's Response:

Thank you. You are a treasure (a real one! not just because you wrote such a nice comment). I feel in love with this characters also. I had read the source material way back when, but Numenor was never my first interest. I was missing a lot until I did the work on these two. I may do grandpa next! Honestly, have nothing much to say about him that I did not cover--but would be a great fallback for one of the month's when I really blow the deadline even worse than usual. Also, I could use all that research I did on ships and I could not think of a way to work into this text. I have THEORIES on Numenorean ships now.

Thanks again for copychecking every month. One of these days I will finish early enough so someone can do a preliminary copy check before I hand the bio in to you.

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