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Reviewer: Dawn Felagund Signed [Report This]
Date: June 07, 2013 - 07:23 pm
Title: Dior Eluchíl

You've done a wonderful job with this, as always.

Dior has never been a character that interested me much, I'm sorry to say. From my Feanorian-centric standpoint, he is an opponent and another descent in their long fall. You've brought up interesting points here--as you always do--that had never crossed my mind before.

For some reason, I tend not to look at the effect of the Silmaril on Dior. Perhaps it is fandom's obsession with Elwing (the sexism of which was recently discussed--on my LJ I think?--and of which I am guilty myself) and the influence of the Silmaril on her. But you also trace here the same negative working on Dior, which is not something I'd thought about in any detail until now.

I found your comparison to the Ringbearers as really thought-provoking. It definitely shows the theme of the relative strength of the meek versus the powerful, which is intriguing to see per-LotR. Thank you, too, for the introduction to Professor Flieger's ideas on the role of light, which I started an essay about some time ago. I'll have to check out what she has to say so that I don't end up merely repeating her!

Awesome work yet again! Thank you! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Dawn! You are an awesome enabler to have. When I worry I am simply re-working old territory, you always find something good to tell me. Verlynn Fleiger and I face-to-face would probably disagree on a lot. But she always gives me a new angle to consider and does it with such grace and gentle persuasion that I always coming away feeling happier, despite some of our differences. I cannot wait to read whatever it is you are writing! Sounds very exciting. I wish I had more money because I have a few other favorites in the Tolkien scholars camp which I have had limited access to up to this point.

Reviewer: Duilwen Signed [Report This]
Date: June 04, 2013 - 04:16 am
Title: Dior Eluchíl

I would love to hear your take on the question of whether Dior got a mortal or an Elven fate. His fate is never mentioned as among the interracial love stories, but he seems to reach adulthood in mortal time...

Author's Response:

I have seen a heated discussion on that recently--in fact it gave me heartburn and made me read a novel when I should have been trying to write this bio. I deliberately did not take a position on that in this biography. The inferences anyone might draw on what does exist in the texts are simply that--inferences. My inclination is to say that without a blood sample, I am unwilling to take a position.

I have seen this discussion erupt at least a dozen time for a period of less than ten years and never reach a consensus. Kind of like whether Balrogs have wings or not. I think the only citation from which one could extrapolate wings was metaphorical. But people have argued that one til they are blue in the face, I would not be surprised if blood has been spilt over that one!

I had heard people floating the idea of trying to find a better venue than Tumblr to carry on such a discussion and allow people to present arguments and citations, since Tumblr does not enable one to read the posts and discussions in one place along with the responses to them. I have some points myself which I would I might volunteer if there were a place to share them. For me, that kind of thing requires time to collect every reference as well, as opinion is not worth much on its own. If such a discussion does happen, I will come back here and make a note as to where it can be found.

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