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Reviewer: Lyra Signed [Report This]
Date: September 07, 2017 - 06:51 am
Title: Anárion Son of Elendil

I'm so happy you chose Anárion for this month's bio - for entirely selfish reasons, I have to admit! The whole succession drama has always been a source of confusion to me, since obviously Isildur is the elder son of Elendil, and while I understand that Arnor is not Gondor, the amount of hostility Denethor (and some readers) show for the claim of the line of Isildur to the throne has been puzzling. So thank you for unravelling that particular knot.

Of course, I also have to admit that I tend to overlook Anárion in the shadow of his brother - Isildur gets to do all the interesting/stupid stuff, from stealing a fruit of Nimloth to claiming the One Ring, so Anárion rather pales in comparison! So it's good to have the facts about him put together to show that he's not entirely boring, either. ;)

In conclusion, thank you for another helpful and elucidating bio!

Author's Response:

I cannot believe that I read this comment and did not respond! Thank you so much! I wrote it for exactly the reasons that you say you were happy to read it. I did get a bit of an understanding about dispute when I wrote the character bio of Arvedui. I never have understood and still don't why people wanted to deny Isildur his right, unless it was some punitive reaction to him hanging onto the Ring. (Denethor, of course, had a plausible reason! Not a good one, but an understandable one.) People in the LotR need to read more about Isildur. He was never the black and white villain of Peter Jackson's films. I even heard in suggested it my earliest LotR fandom encounters that Elrond should have murdered him! OOC for Elrond and not Tolkien secret wish either!! Wow! A cursory reading of LotR and multiple viewings of the film triology resulted in a lot of funny positions in fandom back in its heyday. (Not that people do not think my interpretations of the Noldor are odd. At least I can support them from various versions of the legendarium.)

Thanks for reading. Forgive me for forgetting to respond!

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