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Reviewer: Rhyselle Signed [Report This]
Date: January 09, 2012 - 07:21 am
Title: Námo Mandos

Very nicely done!  I'll be re-reading this again to further absorb the detail and to think about it, before making any further commentary on the various parts of the biography, but I just had to say that I'm very glad you chose to come back to Namo and expand on your earlier offering.

BTW, there's a place where you used the word "descendents" where I think you meant "ancestors":

The "Of Beren and Lúthien" chapter stands apart from the rest of The Silmarillion due to its fantastical storyline and mythic tone in excess of what we see elsewhere in the published book. The encounter between Námo and Lúthien is an example of this and one that creators of Silmarillion-based transformative works often respond to scathingly. Some remark that Námo--who isn't exactly known for his tender-heartedness (the prime example being his recommendation of death for Eärendil for his crime of, among other things, having Noldorin descendants16)--seems out-of-character here.

Thanks again for sharing such an interesting essay with us!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Rhyselle! I'm glad you found the bio useful; it was fun to write, as Namo is one of Tolkien's most intriguing characters to me. Thanks too for catching my oops--I will fix that as soon as I get home! :)

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