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Reviewer: Lissas Elves Signed [Report This]
Date: June 02, 2010 - 01:48 pm
Title: A Plain, Simple Love Story

Oh, you posted it here - wonderful!

Erestor is such a decent, unassuming person and just as you'd expect, he's being snubbed by everybody who think they are somebody. I couldn't help feeling sorry for him after his encounter with the 'specialist' in the history of Gondolin, but it was worth it, just to meet Gil-galad.

And what a Gil-galad! It's strange that the more down to earth you write him, the more kingly he appears to me; the court may glitter, but he is the treasure.

Hmm, rambling a bit - sorry! I just really like this story. :-)

Author's Response:

I kept meaning to post it and then I think I started believing I'd already done it *g*. Please go right on and ramble, it's great to read, made me smile. I love this story, it's such a good feeling when someone else likes it too :)

I think the whole thing with Gil is that he became king when he had just passed his 60th year, so he's been king almost his entire adult life. No urge to prove anything, so he's just his own down-to-earth self :) I miss writing him when I'm busy with other things.


Reviewer: Scarlet10 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 02, 2010 - 01:36 am
Title: A Plain, Simple Love Story

This is not the first time I read this story, and I love it even more.

It makes me feel as if I was part of the scene, looking from the side, at the unfolding of friendship first, and then love.

Thank you for this sweet tale.

Author's Response:

Such a nice compliment from someone whose taste I respect. Thank yuo for commenting again, and for liking their story.

Yes, email. Not tonight. Tomorrow. Tonight I have to either edit chapter 5 or delete it *cue dramatic music*

Thanks for reading again, Scarlet :)

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