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Pictures at an Exhibition by Robinka

[Reviews - 28] Printer

Summary: A series of drabbles, some humorous, other not so much, centered on the Sindar (because they deserve all the praise).

Brand new one, written for the challenge Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song!
Rated: Adult
Characters: Beleg, Daeron, Elu Thingol, Lúthien Tinúviel, Mablung, Maedhros, Melian, Nellas, Original Character(s), Túrin
Challenges: None
Genres: Drama, Fixed-length Ficlet, Het, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Mature Themes
Series: None
Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes
Word count: 2031 Read: 18559
Published: June 10, 2007 Updated: August 07, 2017

Story Notes: This was initially meant to be a single drabble, written in response to a challenge issued at an lj community. But my Sindarin muses suggested that I add some more and make it a series. I wasn't going to argue with them ;).

1. Handwork by Robinka [Reviews - 5] (100 words)

An impish drabble, originally written for the challenge at "Drabble Madness": "Funny Names. Mablung of the Heavy Hand".

Thanks to NeumeIndil for beta-reading :)

2. Strategy by Robinka [Reviews - 2] (100 words)

Beleg's skill lay in warfare. And other things.

Thanks to Neume for her beta help.

3. House of Ransom by Robinka [Reviews - 1] (105 words)

Beleg on his way to rescue his friend Túrin. A drabble written ages ago for OSA Drabble Challenge: Good guy.

Thanks to Elliska for beta-reading.

2008 MEFA nominee

4. Carpe Diem by Robinka [Reviews - 2] (200 words)
A double-drabble this time. Thanks to Hrymfaxe for a quick beta :)

5. Innovation by Robinka [Reviews - 1] (100 words)

A sequel to "Strategy": knowledge does not have to mean routine.

Thanks to Neume for the beta.

6. Warmth by Robinka [Reviews - 1] (100 words)

A drabble written for Hrymfaxe. The prompt was: Mablung (surprising! ;)) and “chilld”. I didn’t know whether Hrymfaxe meant “child” or “chilled”, so the drabble is about a chilled child.

As always, thank yous go to my dear Neume for her beta help.

7. The Cure by Robinka [Reviews - 2] (200 words)

A double drabble written for Rhapsody. Why did Nellas choose to keep an eye on Túrin after he had arrived in Doriath as a young boy?

Thanks to Neume for the beta.

8. Expectancy by Robinka [Reviews - 2] (100 words)

Ah yes, Mablung... :) A drabble written for Whitewave.

Thankies to Neume, as always, for her help.

9. Scar Tissue by Robinka [Reviews - 2] (412 words)
A take on the ultimate meeting of Daeron and Lúthien, written for Lethe. The title is borrowed from the song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. A vignette.

Thanks for the beta go to Neume.

10. Reunion by Robinka [Reviews - 5] (112 words)

A small take on what the Sindar might have felt upon the arrival of the Noldor in Beleriand.

For Moreth (you know, for that Sindar association :) at lj). With thank yous to Vlad for the beta.

11. The Persistence of Memory by Robinka [Reviews - 0] (98 words)

Written for B2MeM 2011 Day First: "Nan Elmoth".

For Clodia :)

12. Can I Play with Madness? by Robinka [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

A drabble written in response to B2MeM 2011 Day #5, "Menegroth": Write a story or poem or create artwork that will illustrate the consequences of isolation.

Menegroth Passport Stamp

Thank yous go to Pandë for a quick beta and advice and to Iron Maiden for the title.

This glimpse is a bit of a far larger story of mine that depicts the battle in the forest of Brethil, coming soon in the cinemas near you ;).

13. The Bond by Robinka [Reviews - 1] (100 words)

A bit twisted take on the Sindar. Thank yous to Himring for the beta :)

14. Homecoming by Robinka [Reviews - 3] (100 words)
Beleg... You'll never know when he shows up at your doorstep, points at pen and paper and says, "Write, would you please?". As if I could say no to him.

No beta, no warnings, just 100 words about Beleg :) Enjoy!

15. And They Say He Was Lost... by Robinka [Reviews - 1] (100 words)

A drabble for the SWG challenge “Just an Old-fashioned Love Song”, inspired by “We Belong” by Pat Benatar.

Back when things were better.