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Pictures at an Exhibition by Robinka

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Author's Chapter Notes:

A small take on what the Sindar might have felt upon the arrival of the Noldor in Beleriand.

For Moreth (you know, for that Sindar association :) at lj). With thank yous to Vlad for the beta.

"You and I, we may look the same, but we are very far apart."


Long had we learned how to tame this unfriendly land, neither basking in the Light, nor straying in darkness. We had shaped it with axes and spears, with water and stone, and molded it, to our mutual benefit. We gave and took evenly in measure, minding the delicate harmony: no masters, but never truly mastered.

They came with fire and their burning needs to conquer, rule, and possess; our kin, but distant, alien in their attitude, they brought high hopes, but also the tumult, into which we might inevitably tumble.

We yet ought to learn to make our own fire.

Chapter End Notes: Honestly, I didn't plan to participate in this year's Back to Middle Earth Month because I've been on a dry spell for a long time, but the muse yet again surprised me. So, the last part of "The Pictures at an Exhibition" honors the prompt of B2MeM 2009 Day First: "Learning to make a fire".

The motto is borrowed from Nine Inch Nails, "Violent Heart".

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