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Pictures at an Exhibition by Robinka

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Author's Chapter Notes:
A drabble for the SWG challenge “Just an Old-fashioned Love Song”, inspired by “We Belong” by Pat Benatar.

Back when things were better.

“We belong together now,” she murmured into his naked, sweat beaded chest as she lifted her head, trailing feathery kisses downward. With one arm around her slim shoulders, he gathered her close and pushed a strand of her hair, inky like a starless night, away from her face, behind her ear. She took a chance to plant a kiss into the inside of his palm. He caught it and hid it against his slowing heart, as though inside the shirt they had rapidly discarded.

“We do,” Thingol whispered.

And no law, no man, no power... nothing would ever change that.

Chapter End Notes: With a ton of thank yous to Hrymfaxe for her beta help and comments. Thank you, Honey!

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