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Driftwood by pandemonium_213

[Reviews - 10] Printer


When mortal fishermen rescue a half-drowned elf-man from the northern sea, Elrond's help is requested.   Elrond travels to the village of Mousehole, hard against Lindon's northern border, to find the recovering survivor who tells Elrond of his background and his mission, which promises to bring the innovations and wonders of Aman to Lindon. Elrond is intrigued as he attempts to discover just who this mysterious fellow is. 

MEFA 2011 Winner.  First Place, Second Age and Early Third Age, General

Rated: Teens
Characters: Elrond, Sauron
Challenges: None
Genres: General
Warnings: Violence--Mild
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 8883 Read: 1464
Published: January 27, 2011 Updated: January 27, 2011

Story Notes:

MEFA Banner 2011

Banner by Russandol.  Thank you! :^)

Although written as a stand-alone story, Driftwood will eventually become the first chapter of the nascent Eregion novellas (sort of a James Michener meets Middle-earth family saga) I have planned.

"Mousehole" and the Mannish names are derived from Cornwall of our primary world.

The very squeamish should be aware that there is a single paragraph in the first scene, told from a carrion-feeder's point of view, that might be best skimmed or skipped. It is largely for this bit that I have rated this story "Teen."

Many thanks to the geckoes, skinks and iguanas of the Lizard Council for their nitpicking, feedback and lively discussion.


1. Driftwood by pandemonium_213 [Reviews - 10] (8883 words)