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A tribute to love by Rhapsody

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Summary: A FŽanorian and his wife share a special moment of love and reverence.
Rated: Adult
Characters: Original Character(s), Sons of FŽanor
Challenges: None
Genres: Fixed-length Ficlet, Het, Romance
Warnings: Mature Themes, Sexual Content--Moderate
Series: Musings in the Sky, Daily Drabbles (or Taming the Recalcitrant Muses)
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 100 Read: 917
Published: June 26, 2007 Updated: June 26, 2007

1. A tribute to love by Rhapsody [Comments - 1] (100 words)
This was drabbled for the Word of the Day-drabble project where we attempt at writing a drabble or other short fiction every day, based on the Word of the Day. Please see the story notes of Dawn's The Small and Secret Things for more information.