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The Book of Short Tales by Lyra

[Reviews - 85] Printer

Summary: A place to store short stories, ficlets and challenge responses that don't really warrant being archived on their own.

Newly Added: "A bittersweet reunion". While preparing for the War of Wrath, Finarfin has the most important meeting of them all.
Rated: Adult
Characters: Amandil, Aredhel, AulŽ, Azagh‚l, Beren, Caranthir, Curufin, Daeron, Durin, Dwarves, Elwing, FŽanor, Finarfin, Fingolfin, Finrod Felagund, Galadriel, Haleth, Idril, Maedhros, Maglor, Melian, Melkor, Nerdanel, OlwŽ, Original Character(s), Sons of FŽanor, Ungoliant, VairŽ, Varda
Challenges: B2MeM 2010, B2MeM 2011, B2MeM 2012, B2MeM 2013, With a Bit of Fairy Dust
Genres: Crossover, Drama, Experimental, General
Warnings: Violence--Mild, Violence--Moderate
Series: None
Chapters: 31 Completed: No
Word count: 28070 Read: 43516
Published: March 08, 2011 Updated: March 31, 2016

Story Notes: Chapters may vary in rating. For the most part, they're rated "teens" for some disturbing subject matter, violence and the like. Chapters that require a higher rating are marked with an asterisk and an extra warning.

1. B2MeM '10 - Different Terms by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (2866 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for the Doors of Night: Your character has a chance to change a single event in his or her past, but doing such will forever alter the future. What will your character choose? What would they change, if anything? And how do you think his or her future would change?

In Mandos, Maedhros has a chance to consider what might have been - and learns something about the complexity of every decision.

A MEFA 2010 nominee. With bonus illustration by yours truly.

2. B2MeM '10 - The Simple Truth by Lyra [Reviews - 0] (598 words)
Written for the B2MeM 2010 challenge for Armenelos: Our characters often hold strong opinions, whether they be as serious as FŽanor's convictions about freedom from the Valar or as seemingly frivolous as Merry's belief in the superiority of Longbottom Leaf. Write a story, poem, or create an artwork in which a character must defend or discovers the opposite of a strongly held opinion.

The sad thing about "simple truths" is that they're never actually simple. Daeron sees the truth he's always clung to turned lie; Maglor fights for a conviction he no longer believes in; Amandil is forced to lie to keep his family safe.
Three double drabbles (as counted by Open Office Writer).

3. B2MEM '11 - March 5th - Introspection by Lyra [Reviews - 7] (606 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for Menegroth: Write a story or poem or create artwork that will illustrate the consequences of isolation.

Nerdanel finds a moment to ponder different forms of isolation - and its lack. A ficlet in six consecutive drabbles (as counted by Open Office Writer).

Thank you, Himring, for the nomination!
And a huge thank you to everyone who read and reviewed.
Awesome banner base by Esteliel.

4. B2MEM '11 - March 8th - A glorious tradition by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (704 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for Dorthonion: Write a story or poem or create a piece of artwork reflecting identification with or connection to one’s land, country or culture.

Or write a story or poem or create a piece of artwork featuring kilts.

Very well! You want kilts, you get kilts!

In the early 19th century, two musicians witness the birth of a legend...

Thank you, Robinka, for the nomination!

5. *B2MEM '11 - March 11th - Seven Sacrifices by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (710 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for Himring: Write a story or poem or create artwork where characters make sacrifices in order to achieve their goals.

Maedhros sees his life flash before his eyes. Seven drabbles (as counted by Open Office Writer) on the sacrifices demanded by the quest for the Silmarils.

*This chapter rated "Adult" for mature themes, mention of violence, torture and suicide.

6. B2MeM '11 - March 10, 13, 4 & 24 - Bird's Eye View by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (812 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenges for
- Gondolin: Start a story or poem with Charles Dickens' famous opening line from A Tale of Two Cities: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
- Balar: Write a story or poem or create artwork featuring unanswered requests, prayers or pleas.
- Mithrim: Write a story or poem or create artwork where the character conquers his or her fears.
- Rhosgobel: Write a story or poem or create artwork using one or more animals as symbols, omens, or metaphors.

Four double drabbles (as counted by Open Office Writer) centered on Elwing.

7. B2MeM '11 - March 17 - Strange Gifts by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (1636 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for Bree: Write a story or poem in which the exchange of gifts is featured, or use "gifting" as a theme for a piece of art.

Maedhros finds Caranthir's secret. On gifts material and immaterial - love, memory, absence, and the infamous Gift of Men.

8. B2MeM '11 - March 12 - The Course of Nature by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (1228 words)
Written for the B2MeM challenge for Sirion: Elves are one with Nature. What about Men? Hobbits? Dwarves? Write a story or poem or create artwork where the way different races relate to Nature is shown.

Elves are one with nature? Really? Haleth, at any rate, begs to differ...

9. *Random - The Children of AlqualondŽ by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (997 words)
Frustrated by obvious inconsistencies, a FŽanorian muses on the poets' treatment of the first kinslaying.
Written in an attempt to deal with a line that absolutely annoyed me in a fanfic I read a while back: I figured tackling the issue creatively was healthier than running around screaming, foaming at the mouth and starting a flame war...

*This chapter rated "Adult" for mention of blood, guts and gore.

Thank you, Grey Gazania, for the nomination!
And a huge thank you to everyone who read and reviewed.

10. Random - The Key by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (301 words)
For Instant Drabbling Friday Night, a triple drabble for the prompt The Key: Can open anything.

Sometime in the First Age, Nerdanel unlocks the past. A triple drabble according to OOW.

11. B2MeM '12 - I18 - Birth by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (631 words)
Written for the "Dwarves in the First Age" prompt, Durin the Deathless remembers coming to life and his maker AulŽ, and for the "In a Manner of Speaking" prompt, "for pity's sake".

Durin recalls what must have been, on the whole, a really weird and disconcerting experience...
Officially my first piece of Dwarf fanfic! Yay!

12. B2MeM '12 - O72 - The Lands of their Fathers by Lyra [Reviews - 0] (101 words)
Written for the "Dwarves in the First Age" prompt, Awakening of the seven Fathers of the Dwarves.

The Elves aren't the only ones who fill the early world with music... A drabble according to OOW.

13. B2MeM '12 - I22 - The Sorrows of Young Daeron by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (328 words)
Written for the "Maglor in History" prompt, Sturm und Drang.

Daeron is not happy with Maglor's response to the latest literary fad. Warning: Potential spoilers for Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther. Hey, fair is fair.

14. B2MeM '12 - O67 - As long as you need me by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (917 words)
Written for three O67 prompts:
- "Silmarillion Fanon", Death of grief = fading;
- "Sons of FŽanor", Curufin and Nerdanel;
- "Women of Arda", MŪriel.

In the middle of the night, Nerdanel has to convince young Curufin that she is not going to follow the example of his grandmother.

15. B2MeM '12 - N41 - Fatal Errors by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (346 words)
Written for the "Sons of FŽanor" prompt, "the cruel servants of Celegorm..."

Two of Celegorm's servants face Maedhros, who is Not Amused.

16. B2MeM '12 - B4 - Critique of Pure Reason by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (507 words)
Written for three B4 prompts:
- "In a Manner of Speaking", Forever hold your Peace;
- "Silmarillion Fanon", Maglor the Mighty Wimp;
- "Sons of FŽanor", Maedhros alone stood aside.

As the swan-ships burn, the eldest sons of FŽanor have an argument.
Apologies to Immanuel Kant for shamelessly and inappropriately stealing his title.

17. B2MeM '13 - Knowledge vs. Ignorance - The Price by Lyra [Reviews - 6] (616 words)
This ficlet started out as a response to the B2MeM '12 prompts O67 (Scientific Achievement: Pharmacy and In a Manner of Speaking: Skeletons in the Closet) and G50 (Scientific Achievement: Medicine), and then languished in my WiP folder until I read the theme quote for Knowledge vs. Ignorance for B2MeM '13. So I thought I'd finish it, polish it, and post it at last!

IstimŽ muses on the price she (or her patients) had to pay for her knowledge.
B2MeM 2013 Day One--Knowledge vs. Ignorance

18. B2MeM '13 - Friendship - Eulogy by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (1131 words)
Begun for several B2MeM '12 prompts - N38 (Sons of FŽanor: Celegorm and Aredhel and I27 (FŽanatics!: Family Guy and TVTropes: Kill it with Fire); finally finished for B2MeM '13, March 1: Friendship.

Celegorm regrets the loss of a friend.
B2MeM 2013 Day One--Friendship

19. B2MeM '13 - Judgement - The Flammifer's Wife by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (603 words)
Begun for B2MeM '12, B13 (B13 TVTropes: Tangled family tree!, Women of the Silmarillion: defying expectations and Here we come a-caroling: And they looked up and saw a star), but yet again left to languish in my WiP folder. Finally finished for B2MeM '13, March 1, "Judgement" -- I love that Gandalf quote excessively, but once again it made me think of quite a different story...

Elwing finds herself judged, and muses on double standards.
B2MeM 2013 Day One--Judgment

20. B2MeM '13 - March 12 - Broader Minds by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (911 words)
Started for a couple of B2MeM '12 prompts (O65: Women of the Silmarillion: women of Gondolin, Scientific achievement: statics, Smells: soap, TvTropes: Overshadowed by Awesome and O62: Women of the Silmarillion: Passing the Bechdel test), finally finished for one of the B2MeM '13 prompts for March 12 (Idril's feelings concerning Maeglin).

Idril disliked Maeglin before she even found out about his obsession with her. Here is why.
B2MeM 2013 Day Twelve

21. *B2MeM '13 - March 4-12 - The Lucky Ones by Lyra [Reviews - 7] (2025 words)
At last, a story that's wholly B2MeM '13! Inspired by the Nķmenor quote for March 4 (Breaking the Ban of the Valar), and incidentally also covering March 5 (Going aboard the Alcarondas), March 8 (Persecution of the Faithful), March 9 (the Gift of Ilķvatar), March 12 (Ilķvatar changing the fashion of the world). Oof! Quick, post it before yet another prompt comes along!

"... and there was little wind, but they had many oars and many strong slaves to row beneath the lash." One of these slaves looks back on when it all started to go terribly wrong.
B2MeM 2013 Day Two B2MeM 2013 Day Five B2MeM 2013 Day Eight B2MeM 2013 Day Nine B2MeM 2013 Day Twelve

*This chapter rated "Adult" for allusions to extremely disturbing subject matter, such as human sacrifice and cannibalism.

22. B2MeM '13 - March 17 - Bested by Lyra [Reviews - 3] (1238 words)
Started for the B2MeM '12 prompt N31 (FŽanatics!: FŽanor hugged his kids and TvTropes: Royals who actually do something) and finished for B2MeM '13, Wildcard Day: "Finish something!" (My WiP folder will be forever grateful for this task.)

Fingolfin reflects on his difficulties with the uninhibited behaviour of children.
Back to Middle-earth Month 2013

23. B2MeM '13 - March 18 - Debts Repaid by Lyra [Reviews - 7] (605 words)
Once again, this one began life for B2MeM '12 (B15 - Dwarves in the First Age: Azagh‚l gives Maedhros the Dragon-helm) and then languished in my WiP folder. But it kind of fits the B2MeM prompt for March 18 (battle-gear of the Dwarves for the Nirnaeth Arnoediad), so I brought it to a close.

Before the Nirnaeth, Azagh‚l brings Maedhros a rich token of his gratitude.
B2MeM 2013 Day Eighteen

24. B2MeM '13 - Zeal - Love and other rash vows by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (1893 words)
Another beneficiary of the B2MeM '13 Wildcard task "Finish something".
This one was begun for the "With a bit of fairy dust" challenge, continued for the B2MeM '12 prompt N31 (Crossovers I: ... with a fairytale or folktale), and left unfinished... until today. Also covers the March 1 prompt "Zeal" (Oath of the FŽanorians, Lays of Beleriand alliterative edition).

Two very different lovers find themselves on a very similar quest. A Lay of Leithian/Taketori Monogatari crossover.
Back to Middle-earth Month 2013 B2MeM 2013 Day One--Zeal

25. B2MeM '13 - March 28 - Dark Fruit by Lyra [Reviews - 6] (2291 words)
A response to the B2MeM '13 prompt for March 28: But Morgoth himself the Valar thrust through the Door of Night beyond the Walls of the World, into the Timeless Void [...] Yet the lies that Melkor, the mighty and accursed, Morgoth Bauglir, the Power of Terror and of Hate, sowed in the hears of Elves and Men are a seed that does not die and cannot be destroyed; and ever and anon it sprouts anew, and will bear dark fruit even unto the latest days.

Imprisoned in the battle-camp of the Valarin host after the War of Wrath, Melkor receives an unexpected and unwelcome visitor... and does some last-minute sowing.

Toeing the AU line; you decide which side of the line it's on.

Some of the allusions in this piece may make more sense if you've read the first chapter of The Tempered Steel (warnings for torture and other forms of violence). Not that I'm pimping my own fic here. >_>
B2MeM 2013 Day Twenty-Eight

26. B2MeM '13 - Friendship - Forgiveness by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (538 words)
Oh look, I wrote something for the actual March 1 "Friendship" quote after all! Because I just can't leave Maedhros and Fingon alone.

There can be, FindekŠno knows, no forgiveness and no reconciliation.
B2MeM 2013 Day One--Friendship

27. B2MeM '13 - March 19 - Inheritance by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (524 words)
Begun for B2MeM '12's B6 (FŽanatics: Daddy Issues); continued and finished for B2MeM '13's prompt for March 19, O (FŽanorians exploring all of Valinor up to the Outer Sea).

FŽanor makes plans for his sons' inheritance. Unfortunately, few things go according to plan. - A quintuple drabble (according to OOW).
B2MeM 2013 Day Nineteen

28. B2MeM '12 - N38/I27/B4 - Proud Craftsmen by Lyra [Reviews - 2] (639 words)
Started for a couple of B2MeM '12 prompts: N38 (Women of Arda: Galadriel; Women of the Silmarillion: Women of Doriath; Dwarves in the First Age: Melian and the Dwarves), I27 (In a manner of speaking: Blind as a bat) and B4 (Women of Arda: Lķthien; Economy: Luxury Items; Botany: Elanor).

Melian has invited some Dwarvish craftsmen to create a begetting day gift for Lķthien, and asked Galadriel to help her choose. But first, a PC briefing is in order...

29. Random - A Darker Shade of Black by Lyra [Reviews - 4] (1115 words)
In a discussion about femslash a few days ago, I snarked that I wouldn't touch it if the pairing didn't work for me, like Varda/Thuringwethil. About 24 hours later, I was bitten by a plotspider. It seems that Varda/Thuringwethil doesn't work for me, but Varda/Ungoliant does...

Kinda experimental, but there you go.

30. B2MeM '16 - Caranthir defends the Naugrim by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (304 words)
For different B2MeM '12 prompts, I started three separate stories in which Caranthir defended the achievements of the Dwarves against critical brothers. I never finished any of these stories and probably never will, so for this year's "Memories" theme, I finally condensed each of them into a drabble to make up a short series.
Touching the following BINGO prompts:
N33 (Economy: "Infrastructure" and Here we come a-caroling: "You might even say it glows");
G51 (Scientific Achievement: "Print")
G59 (Dwarves of the First Age: "Curufin receives Angrist")
Also sort of covers the 2009 prompt for March 17 (stereotypes).

Curufin is unimpressed with Caranthir's neighbours. Caranthir showcases some of their achievements to change his brother's mind.

31. B2MeM '16 - A bittersweet reunion by Lyra [Reviews - 1] (349 words)
Begun and abandoned for the B2MeM 2012 BINGO Bash (Woman of the Silmarillion - G51 - Women who survive). Inspired by GoldSeven's "All the others, gone". Dug out and polished for B2MeM 2016. Also sort of covers the B2MeM 2011 prompt for March 19: "Write a story or create a piece of artwork centred on meetings or reunions."

While preparing for the War of Wrath, Finarfin has the most important meeting of them all.