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A Rose By Any Other Name by pandemonium_213

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A sequel to Flame of the Desert.

On a hot summer afternoon, Glorfindel visits Elrond at his estate in Kortirion Province of Tol Eressëa. Elrond's longtime friend brings word from Gilfanon: invitations to a party in celebration of the blooming of one of Gilfanon's favorite roses; the Vanyarin ambassador and his retinue have been invited as special guests.  Gilfanon also sends peculiar garments that he has specifically instructed Elrond and Glorfindel to wear.  Elrond is wary.  He remembers all too well that escapade with Gilfanon in the desert of Valinor, but his inner imp of adventure inspires him, and Elrond experiences a night to remember.

Cameo appearances by Erestor and Mablung.

A bit risqué, a little bawdy, so let's rate this Teen/PG13.

Now complete!  And illustrated!  Thanks a million-fold to Robinka (see Chapter 2) and Elf of Cave (see Chapter 6).

MEFA 2011 Winner.  First Place, Humor, General


Rated: Teens
Characters: Elrond, Erestor, Gilfanon, Glorfindel, Mablung, Original Character(s)
Challenges: B2MeM 2011
Genres: Humor
Warnings: Sexual Content--Mild
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes
Word count: 21895 Read: 10526
Published: May 05, 2011 Updated: June 02, 2011

Story Notes:

MEFA 2011 Banner

Banner by Russandol.

Many thanks go out to my fellow skinks, geckos, and chameleons of the Lizard Council for their critique, encouragement and enthusiasm for what started as a response to the Back to Middle-earth Month 2011 prompt for March 8 — "write a story or poem or create a piece of artwork featuring kilts" — and burgeoned into a wild romp of a story, which is a six-chapter sequel to Flame of the Desert. But then, would one expect anything less than a wild romp from Gilfanon?  Special thanks to Vanimë for suggesting the title. 

Resources include Darth Fingon's handy Elvish name generator, The History of Middle-earth, The Book of Lost Tales 1 and 2.  Also see Darth's character biography of Gilfanon.

The setting is solidly Pandë!verse, i.e., an alternative history set within the framework of Tolkien's legendarium, and there are what might be construed as spoilers contained therein, for example, something of a synopsis of what will be occurring during the Fourth Age of the Pandë!verse,  However, as I see it, the journey of how these things come to be is the Real Story.