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Something Un-Feanorian by Himring

[Reviews - 10] Printer


Elrond has a posthumous conversation with Maedhros at the time of the Fall of Eregion.

With glimpses of Elros and of the Third Kinslaying.

Now added: The Decision (gapfiller for the main story, Elrond's POV)

Rated: Teens
Characters: Elrond, Maedhros
Challenges: Akallabŕth in August
Genres: Drama, General
Warnings: Mature Themes, Violence--Moderate
Series: Doom, Gloom and Maedhros
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
Word count: 6956 Read: 6181
Published: August 29, 2011 Updated: February 18, 2017

Story Notes:


The violence of the Third Kinslaying and Sauron's devastation of Eregion are both more than merely moderate, of course, but are here shown reflected in dream and memory rather than directly.

Also, between the first and the second chapter, Maedhros commits suicide, but this is not shown.

1. Chapter 1 by Himring [Reviews - 7] (814 words)

Beleriand: A dreamscape.

2. Chapter 2 by Himring [Reviews - 0] (3863 words)

Eregion: Another dreamscape and more imaginary corpses--but considerably more conversation and a complete change of mood.

3. Chapter 3 by Himring [Reviews - 1] (1657 words)

Valinor: No dreams, no corpses, but a double flashback.

Glimpses of Fingon and Celebrian.

The whole story was originally conceived to fulfill a prompt by Alasse: Elrond visiting Maedhros after his reincarnation in Valinor--which the third and final chapter has now delivered...

4. Appendix: Sirion Lullaby by Himring [Reviews - 2] (183 words)

Rough translation of the incomprehensible Quenya that Maedhros is described as crooning over Elrond as they rode from Sirion in Chapter Three

[Warning: Poetry]

5. Related Ficlet: The Decision by Himring [Reviews - 0] (439 words)

Small gestures can sometimes amount to major decisions.
Elrond knows this.

Written for Fandom Stocking 2016 for Independence1776.