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A Great Friendship in Every Need by Urloth

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They were all children once, and played as children do. Cousins played games with cousins without the undercurrents of discontent between their fathers ruining the golden days spent in their grandfather's garden. There were secrets, though, even then but they did not care about them.


Of course those days are as dead as that much beloved grandfather and Finrod barely thinks of the time he was little Finda in a child's frock, clinging to Tyelkormo's skirt with Carnistir's hand stuck to his, as they braved the "wilderness" of Míriel's garden.


It seems though that there are some final lessons to be learnt, some final games to be played and a secret or two to discover that should have been left alone. 


In Nargothrond Finrod Felagund is both the unwitting architect and witness to the final, dying gasp of Fëanorian innocence.

Rated: Teens
Characters: Celegorm, Curufin, Finrod Felagund, Huan, Original Character(s)
Challenges: None
Genres: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Erotica, Het, Humor, Slash/Femslash
Warnings: ***Incest, ***Torture, Character Death, Expletive Language, Mature Themes, Sexual Content--Graphic, Violence--Graphic
Series: Sleeping Amber through Darkened Doorways
Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 10041 Read: 2050
Published: April 30, 2012 Updated: May 07, 2012

1. Chapter 1 by Urloth [Comments - 1] (2952 words)

Alrighty! Welcome to the dubiously romantic tragedy I never knew I wanted to write. It snuck up right behind me between writing a slash version of Miriel and Finwe and a black-haired!Legolas story and stabbed me in the back as all good Feanorian stories too.


For your safety and comfort please mind the following warnings: there will be an AU backbone with a canon ribcage, some mind breaking to allow this, badly written smut and probably too much of it, an older woman, gender issues ('issues' doesn't quite cover it though), questionable morals for everyone, magic, a giant dog, legitimacy issues, a distinct lack of dresses, purposeful ignoring of later corrections to the silmarillion, dub-con if I can make up my mind about it, possession and of course death (because it's not a tragedy without death.)


Oh and really lame swearing because I don't know any good middle-earth style curses. 

2. Chapter 2 by Urloth [Comments - 1] (7089 words)

Not grammar checked like the last chapter. Hopefully that will change in the near future.