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Before Strife Was Born by oshun

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Summary: Not your typical romance, this is a story about two people who know one another all too well and understand one another not at all and share an almost love/hate relationship replete with passionate conflict and caring. It’s a Years of the Trees story of FŽanor and Fingolfin as very young men, written for Encairion, Ardor in August 2012, to satisfy this particular prompt:

“Pairing: FŽanor/Fingolfin. I prefer dark, angsty stories, but can appreciate humor on the side. Whether you give me a pre-darkening of Valinor or a re-born life in Valinor or something from the First Age, it doesn't matter, but I love seeing elves with flaws, so please no utopian, unrealistic worlds."

I want to extend the warmest thanks to my super skillful and perceptive Betas Ignoblebard and Lilith Lessfair who so generously combed through it at least a couple of times each.
Rated: Teens
Characters: AnairŽ, FŽanor, Fingolfin, Maedhros, Nerdanel
Challenges: Family Matters, Gift of a Story
Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance, Slash/Femslash
Warnings: ***Incest
Series: Maitimo and FindekŠno
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes
Word count: 4299 Read: 2387
Published: August 06, 2012 Updated: August 06, 2012

Story Notes: Oops! Put away your calculators and your volumes of The History of Middle-earth. Allow me a little artistic license here and storytelling hyperbole. I was not very careful about the dates, especially in relation to the difference in age between Maedhros and Fingolfin.

FŽanor's oldest sons are closer in age to his brothers than you might think. But in any case, they are all painfully young during the Years of the Trees. For purposes of this story, I have made FŽanor and Fingolfin young adults together. An interesting aside is that FŽanor started having children several years before Elven majority--apparently in a hurry to make a mark and change his world.

1. In The Bliss of Valinor by oshun [Comments - 6] (4229 words)

Fingolfin - NolofinwŽ (Quenya)
FŽanor - FŽanŠro (Q.)
Finarfin - ArafinwŽ (Q.)
Maedhros - NelyafinwŽ, Russo (Q.)

2. Visual Aids by oshun [Comments - 0] (70 words)