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Remembrance Is All by Agelast

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Here lies ficlets, meme responses, and things that are too short to post on their own. 


Update: A young Gil-galad meets some of his kin. 

Rated: Adult
Characters: Amras, Beleg, Curufin, Fingon, Finrod Felagund, Gil-galad, Haldir, Maedhros, Maglor
Challenges: None
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slash/Femslash
Warnings: Mature Themes, Sexual Content--Graphic
Series: None
Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
Word count: 5999 Read: 7417
Published: April 08, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Story Notes:

See individual chapters for summaries and warnings. 

1. Shining Through by Agelast [Comments - 0] (1430 words)

Fingon/Maedhros, Explicit. The morning after the night before.  For the kisses meme on tumblr (and lj), Fingon/Maedhros, shoulders, belly, abdomen, and nose. A veritable shopping of body-parts, truly.

2. Fuck With Dynamite by Agelast [Comments - 1] (1843 words)

Finrod/Curufin. Explicit. Finrod takes a walk, Curufin works late, and nothing is ever the same again.

3. Afternoon Delight by Agelast [Comments - 0] (460 words)

Beleg Cúthalion/Haldir. Teen. Haldir meets a legend in Valinor, and the legend wants to go swimming. 

Written for the kisses meme on LJ, for Beleg/Haldir, back of the neck.

4. A Whisper on the Wind by Agelast [Comments - 0] (278 words)

Curufin + Amras. Gen. A lonely stretch of beach is all that remains. Vaguely horror-shaped.

5. Haunted by Agelast [Comments - 1] (133 words)

Fingon/Maedhros. Teen. Post-Nirnaeth. 

6. To The Immortal Memory of the Tea-cake by Agelast [Comments - 0] (1052 words)

Fingon/Maedhros. Teen. For Oshun, who wanted Fingon/Maedhros, the boarding school AU. Let's make all the leaps necessary to make this possible. 


7. Sphallolalia by Agelast [Comments - 0] (131 words)

Fingon. Originally posted on Tumblr for the prompt: sphallolalia - flirtatious talk that leads no where.

8. all the flesh inherits by Agelast [Comments - 0] (672 words)

This began life as a response to this poetry meme. Also hat tip to Tehta, who once suggested: The Wuthering-Heights-like one where Maedhros, denied his True Love, takes up with Gil-Galad Fingonion, in Ye Olde List of Fingon/Maedhros Ideas, but it didn't quiiiiite go that way.