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Journeys of Vása by Dawn Felagund

[Comments - 10] Printer

Summary: A series of vignettes about the first rising of the Sun, from the perspectives of different characters. Check the Table of Contents for more specific summaries and warnings. MEFA 2008 nominee.
Rated: Teens
Characters: Arien, Aulë, Fingolfin, Mahtan, Melkor, Pengolodh, Tilion
Challenges: Anniversary Contest--CLOSED
Genres: General
Warnings: ***Rape/Non-consensual Sex, Mature Themes
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No
Word count: 4727 Read: 3873
Published: September 25, 2007 Updated: September 25, 2007

Story Notes:

This story was written for the Silmarillion anniversary event. However, since I am the group owner, it isn't fair (in my opinion) that I compete, so while it is "entered" insofar as it satisfies the challenge, then it's not eligible to actually win.

Reviews written for it, though, still count toward the reviewer award.

The idea for this particular piece came from the realization that while there are many accounts in The Silmarillion of what various characters were doing at the first sunrise, then stories based on these accounts are far and few between. I've tried to remedy this with a series of vignettes that look at the actions and emotions of different characters at that single moment in time.

As such, each vignette varies in content and voice from the next. The chapter notes (visible in the Table of Contents) contain any specific warnings for each vignette. At the moment, I have six vignettes planned. I will add to the project when I can. Who knows; I may find reason--or excuse--for more than six!

1. I. Eclipse by Dawn Felagund [Comments - 3] (1533 words)

Tilion, steersman of the Moon, considers his love for Arien of the Sun and her corruption by Melkor.

Please note! There is canonical rape mentioned in this vignette. It is not graphic, but I caution readers who are sensitive to this sort of material.

2. II. Innocence Reclaimed by Dawn Felagund [Comments - 2] (1161 words)

Mahtan on the creation of the Sun and the revelations of the new light.

3. III. Bureaucracy by Dawn Felagund [Comments - 5] (1637 words)

Fingolfin tells a young loremaster of crossing the Ice and the first sunrise.

4. Author's Notes by Dawn Felagund [Comments - 0] (396 words)

Just what it sounds like: notes and references for the more obscure canon that inspired this piece.