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More about Maglor by Himring

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Tales about Maglor.

Now added: Silver Girl (Maglor and Celebrian)


Rated: Author Chooses Not to Rate
Characters: Amras, Amrod, Celeborn, Celebrían, Elemmírë, Elrond, Elros, Gilmith, Maedhros, Maglor
Challenges: Arda Underground, B2MeM 2014, Gift of a Story
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: No
Word count: 5121 Read: 3836
Published: March 22, 2014 Updated: January 13, 2018

Story Notes:

I. Maglor Tunes a Guitar.

II. Forging Gold

III. Like the Voice of an Old Friend

IV. Silmaril

V. Half-Elven

VI. A Distant Shore

VII. Silver Girl


Stories I and II Written for B2MeM prompts: Seasons of Middle-earth (B2MeM 2014)

SWG Arda Underground challenge: see "Maglor Tunes a Guitar", end notes.

Story III written for LOTR Community Challenge: May 2014

Story IV: a drabble for Tolkien Weekly: November 2014

Stories V and VI: written for Fandom Stocking 2014

Story VII: written for Fandom Stocking 2017


Rating and warnings: see individual stories


1. Maglor Tunes a Guitar by Himring [Comments - 2] (591 words)

In Umbar, Maglor tunes a guitar in the Feanorian manner.

(No, not what you think: nobody dies!)

B2MeMPrompt: Durin's Day (Seasons of Middle-earth: Autumn)

Rating: Teens (warning: moderate violence, but very much non-graphic)


2. Forging Gold by Himring [Comments - 0] (569 words)

Maglor and three of his brothers on a day towards the end of the Fell Winter (First Age).

Prompt (B2MeM 2014: Winter): Use the following song to inspire your writing or artwork: "Crystal Forest" by Nox Arcana

Rating: General

The title alludes to the alleged meaning of Maglor’s mother name (Quenya Makalaure).  Maglor’s father name Kanafinwe is also mentioned, as is the shortened form Kano.

3. Like the Voice of an Old Friend by Himring [Comments - 0] (1285 words)

Maglor, son of Feanor, encounters the Aldudenie, the famous lament for the Two Trees composed by the Vanya Elemmire.

But what does it mean to him?


Rating: Teens (PG for arguably Mature Themes)


Written for the LOTR Community Challenge May 2014

Theme: character study

Elements: the character spends time with an old friend


4. Silmaril by Himring [Comments - 1] (101 words)

A little reflection on two central symbols in Tolkien's work, the Silmaril and the Ring.

Drabble written for the Homophone Challenge at Tolkien Weekly on LiveJournal (100 words according to MS Word)

Prompt: threw/through

Rating: Teens (PG)

5. Half-Elven (Maglor & Gilmith I) by Himring [Comments - 0] (861 words)

In his wanderings, Maglor encounters a half-elven child.
Inevitably, this evokes memories of two other half-elven children.

Written as a gift for Independence1776 for Fandom Stocking 2014

Rating: General audiences.

6. A Distant Shore (Maglor and Gilmith II) by Himring [Comments - 0] (656 words)

Gilmith, daughter of Mithrellas, walks by the sea and meets someone she remembers from her childhood.

Inspired by Elleth's wonderful photomanip This Far Distant Shore

Written for Elleth for Fandom Stocking 2014

Rating: General

7. Silver Girl by Himring [Comments - 0] (1058 words)

While Celeborn is away, Celebrian makes a friend.

Written for Independence1776 for Fandom Stocking 2017.

Her wish list included wandering Maglor stories.

Rating: Teens (for background considerations)