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Emotions-- A series of vignettes by MisbehavingMaiar

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A study in sentiments over time; a collection of moments surrounding Melkor and Sauron, from the Spring of Arda to the fall of the Third Age. 

Rated: Teens
Characters: Ainur, Aulë, Celebrimbor, Fëanor, Finwë, Gil-galad, Idril, Maeglin, Melkor, Númenóreans, Saruman, Sauron, Tar-Míriel, Ungoliant
Challenges: None
Genres: Drama, Experimental, General, Horror
Warnings: Character Death, Sexual Content--Mild, Violence--Graphic
Series: Emotions
Chapters: 12 Completed: Yes
Word count: 8065 Read: 5137
Published: April 12, 2014 Updated: April 12, 2014

Story Notes:

A series of drabbles based on prompts for a meme on my Silmarillion blog. 

The first drafts were posted in 2013, and I've polished and fluffed them up a bit since then, because I have chronic editing syndrome.  

1. Joy, Delight by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (145 words)

Fires of chaos and creation; and two simple emotions. 

2. Envy, Sheepishness by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (623 words)

Bitter bile and a small betrayal; two small things that will grow. 

3. Giddiness, Bemusement by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 1] (1552 words)

A sickening love, and a pragmatic sacrifice; two emotions, less easily comprehended. 

(Warnings for gore, violence, and character death)

4. Regret, Longing, Love by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (500 words)

A pyrric victory is won, and a moment of tenderness rebuked; three emotions in one scene.
(Shades of shipping: Sauron/Melkor)

5. Generosity by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (1133 words)

 Maeglin attempts to make himself useful; an unlikely bond is forged. 

(( This one was a puzzler! Also, it turned into a mini-fic. My knowledge of Sindarin construction is exactly three hours old so I make no claims as to accuracy. ))

6. Empathy by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (810 words)

The fall of a city and a boy; harsh truths and sympathy between monsters.  

7. Vicarious Joy, Paranoia by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (390 words)

Simple, animal joys versus compounding, spiraling mania; two emotions in two different fortresses. 

8. Disgust, Anticipation, Saudade by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (377 words)

The mighty are fallen, and those who were loyal mourn; three shades of inevitability and sorrow. 

9. Second-hand Embarrassment, Exhaustion by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (517 words)

Celebrimbor learns a lesson in discretion, and elsewhere a terrible alchemy is wrought; caution in both cases comes too little too late. 

(Shades of shipping: Annatar/Celebrimbor) (Mild sexual content. The mildest.)

10. Hiraeth (Forge Songs) by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 1] (686 words)

The Zigur rises in power, but disguises are wearying; songs have power to heal or reopen wounds, reminders of all that is lost forever. 

(This is still one of my favorite drabbles) 

11. Schadenfreude, Pity, Angst by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (915 words)

After the flood there is nothing; even sorrow is washed away.
The Shadow in the East muses on a use for his long-estranged brother;
And after an age of clinging bitterly to the earth, the new Dark Lord watches his last foothold dissolve beneath him.

(Warnings for gore, violence, and character death)

12. Remembrance by MisbehavingMaiar [Comments - 0] (417 words)

Memory makes the past sweet and the present bitter; and as time wears on the memories of an immortal become all the more beautiful, and unbearable.