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Atanatari: Of the Three Houses of the Edain by Himring

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Author's Chapter Notes:

One of Haleth's female bodyguards visits her grave, the Ladybarrow (Tur Haretha).

Mild femslash (Teens).

Written for Zdenka, for her prompt "I follow" for this pairing

We loved her, of course, all her bodyguard, but not like that--except the once.

Her grandnephew Halmir was growing; as many growing children will--but Halmir more than most--he started questioning everything, rebelling against everything. And the Lady Haleth, who had not faltered in her dealings with elven kings or wavered before the lords of great Houses, found herself bewildered by the pig-headed opposition of a boy.

I followed her--as I followed her everywhere-into her house one evening. Dusk had fallen. The hearth fire had gone out.

In the gloom, Haleth turned and asked: 'Is he right, then? We could be supping with princes in splendour rather than hiding out in this patch of forest on tolerance--if only I were less stubborn!'

I opened my mouth to speak, but she quickly put her hand across to stop me.

'Nay, I know what you would say! You are loyal to me and would defend all my decisions to the last.'

And this was true. But there was grey in her hair and she looked so weary and uncertain--so unlike herself that night--that, on impulse, I kissed the hand across my mouth.

I have never spoken of it until now. Soon I will follow my lady below the earth.

Ladybarrow, Ladybarrow, know that we have this in common: one night only, Lady Haleth's head lay upon my breast.

Chapter End Notes:

Originally posted for Zdenka's prompt at Femslash 100 - Drabbletag Round 7 on Livejournal

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