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Burning Bright: Answers in the Dark by Keiliss

[Comments - 13] Printer


In which Galadriel goes to Lórien, Erestor visits Númenor, Elrond is under siege in a valley somewhere in the Misty Mountains, and Glorfindel doesn't get to go anywhere.



Rated: Adult
Characters: Amdir, Celeborn, Celebrían, Círdan, Elrond, Erestor, Galadriel, Gil-galad, Gildor, Glorfindel, Haldir, Lindir, Original Character(s), Tar-Minastir, Tar-Telperien
Challenges: None
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Warnings: None
Series: Burning Bright
Chapters: 9 Completed: No
Word count: 45841 Read: 5395
Published: July 03, 2015 Updated: January 10, 2016

Story Notes:

Sequels are a new experience for me. I've tried not to repeat whole portions of book one, just give enough information for this to stand alone. I hope I got the balance right, but if something's not clear, please ask.

Timeline: around S.A 1698/1699


1. New Directions by Keiliss [Comments - 3] (5187 words)

Erestor meets new people, Elrond has something to show Celeborn.

2. Seeking Shelter by Keiliss [Comments - 3] (4532 words)

Lindir has a new job, Galadriel is determined, and Haldir has a bad day.

3. Obscure Truths by Keiliss [Comments - 2] (4231 words)

Glorfindel declines an offer and goes riding. Erestor is being slowly backed into a corner.

4. Farewell to Balar by Keiliss [Comments - 1] (4791 words)

Gil-galad wants answers.

5. Fate's Choices by Keiliss [Comments - 1] (6104 words)

Erestor has a new assignment and Galadriel meets a king.

6. Fortresses by Keiliss [Comments - 1] (4482 words)

Galadriel takes a walk, Elrond and Celeborn have unwelcome guests, and Glorfindel is in the right place - again.


7. The Leaving by Keiliss [Comments - 2] (5834 words)

Erestor and Lindir prepare for Númenor and Lindir gets to exchange small talk with the king. Plus there's an unexpected gift.


8. Burdens Shared by Keiliss [Comments - 0] (6476 words)

Glorfindel and Gil-galad talk about Erestor - carefully, while in the Wood life has a surprise for Galadriel.


9. Lessons Learned by Keiliss [Comments - 0] (4204 words)

There's fire and mist and Elrond learns a new skill.