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Morning Mist and Silver Sun by StarSpray

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Author's Chapter Notes:

For Silmladylove's Femslash February drabbletag on tumblr, for the prompt Arien/Uinen

In the Timeless Halls of Ilúvatar they had sung together, weaving music in harmony, Arien a bright and bold counterpoint to Uinen’s gentle steady rhythm, each learning of the other as they sang, and delighting in each other’s voices.

When they descended into Arda, they parted.

Arien flew to the skies to help Varda bring light into the emptiness, to dance through towering nebulae and ride, laughing, the waves of heat and light pulsing from stars newly born of white-hot joy.

Uinen dove into the depths of Ulmo’s watery realm, cool and clear and quiet, where she whispered strains of Music into the currents that threaded like veins throughout the tumultuous new world.

But in moments of peace between the battles brought upon them by Melkor, Arien descended like a shooting star from the fiery skies to the shores of the great seas, and Uinen rose like a great wave from the depths, and now when they joined together they created something new–swirling mists that hissed and billowed about them, rising even to become towering clouds in the air. And Arien laughed like the crackling of fire, and Uinen sang like the crashing of waves, and their joy was so fierce and so complete that even Melkor dared not assail them.


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